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August BOD Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Sep 10, 2021 4:52AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

August 9, 2021

The monthly meeting of the CSSA was held August 9, 2021, at GameDay Grill, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:20 PM.
Members present: Ray DeLuca, Dick O’Conner, Robbie Crider, John Humeston, Bob Werner, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, Leland Brown, Andy Tubbs, Dewey Hom & Randy Bergman

Absent: Brad Tafoya
A. Minutes from June 28, 2021 meeting were discussed & approved.

B. The CSSA has a new sponsor: Cancun Mexican Restaurant 4451 Towne Lake Pkwy #200, Woodstock, GA 30189. Thank you for joining our organization, and we wish you good luck on your business. Two other businesses have expressed interest in joining the CSSA family, and we appreciate their possible sponsorship.

C. The rules committee reviewed, consolidated and made some corrections on the updating of the CSSA rules. The rules must be completely reviewed by the entire BOD, and discussed over the next several Board meetings prior to a final
vote and printing.

D. Fall evaluations went very well. There were more morning league drafts than the evening leagues, but everything was worked out for the fall season.
1. Rosters must be confirmed and sent back to Norm ASAP so they can be entered into the CSSA data base.
2. ALL PLAYERS must pay league fees prior to playing.
3. Any questions or changes to the rosters can be addressed to Norm at the following e-mail address:

E. Constant contact needs to be in the database for ALL players. Directors will be given information on how to edit and create a database over next few weeks.

F. Managers need to request new player jerseys ASAP. The jerseys take about 2-3 weeks, so it’s imperative that the ordering is done in the next few days.
G. New softballs have not arrived. We ask that all league directors pole their managers to see if they have any extras, from previous seasons to get through this set back. The new balls will be delivered to each team manager as soon as they are received.

H. Marty Aflewicz will be writing profiles of players on Teampages starting with MVP’s from last season.

I. The 2021 fall golf tournament will be held on *Thursday, November 11, 2021* – Veterans Day. Thanks to Tom Cameron for heading up this fundraiser. Remember that we ask everyone who attends to bring at least 1 unwrapped toy to be used for children for Christmas

J. The CSSA Awards banquet will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021,
(9 days prior to Thanksgiving).

K. The BOD is looking for volunteers to run for a board position for 2022. It is a HIGH paying job that does not pay with money, just love!!! If anyone feels that they would like to serve on the BOD, please notify any board member ASAP.

L. Ann Ryan has gone through some hardship over the past month and Jeff Nichols is battling Covid 19. We will review their needs over the next two weeks to see how the league can help them both and their families.

M. Next BOD meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 13, 2021, at 6:30 PM at Gameday Grill.

  • At the time of the writing of this report, Jeff Nichols has passed away due to the Covid 19 infection on August 14, 2021. Jeff played in the league over the past 10 years and will be greatly missed as a GOD loving, kind and gentle human being. He leaves behind a loving wife Shanna, and a nine year old son Tommy. At this time there is no visitation or funeral service scheduled. A memorial service / celebration of life will be conducted at a later date, and we will notify everyone when that day occurs. We pray for Jeff’s family and our condolences go out to ALL who knew him.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Once again this week, all games for tonite have been cancelled due to weather. Reschedules to follow ASAP.

All Wed morning games cancelled due to rains yesterday. Reschedules will be issued ASAP.

Reschedules to follow as soon as can get them from Directors.


When one thinks of the recent preeminent players in the CSSA, Tom Ballard is on everyone’s list. After sixteen years in the league, including time in the American League, the Masters, and Legends Gold, he’s earned praise from his teammates and foes alike.
Perhaps it was his excellence in the outfield and consistent hitting in twelve years of tournament play as he traveled across the United States. He topped that chapter of his softball history as a member of the team which won the National Championship in the 65+ bracket in 2015, a memory he considers one of his greatest achievements.
But Tom’s performance shined brightest as a mid-fielder, where he had the most fun. He became known for his over-the-shoulder catches of those pesky pop-ups. In that position, his rifle-like arm could accurately hit its target at any base, including home plate.
When asked what he enjoyed most in his career, his immediate reply was the friends he made on the field. He also stressed he could have done none of this without the staunch support of Debbie, his wife of over forty years. If Tom was on the field, she was in the stands cheering him on.
But as outstanding as Tom is a softball player, it’s not his statistics or victories that make him stand out. Tom is most beloved for his willingness to help other players improve. He possesses a rare ability to a spot a hitch in a player’s swing and suggest a correction. It could be his stance, or the grip, the angle he holds his bat, or countless other fine points which transform a batter into a hitter.
And Tom provided these pointers while still respecting the individual’s choice and weaknesses. After all, this is senior softball.
At a recent practice, a seventy-something rookie was frustrating himself with his first attempts at swinging a bat in nearly forty years. Some on the field grumbled, only because it appeared the new guy might take another fifteen minutes before he hit five balls into play. Tom observed from the dugout then approached the man and led him into foul territory, where the unofficial coach set a ball upon a tee. He asked the man to calm and focus, then do his best to make contact. The man did. Three easy swings, three line drives. Tom said, “You can hit. You just need to get your timing down, fix your stance, hold your bat like you’re hitting a softball and not a baseball, a few other things, and practice. Above all, don’t give up.”
That incident is classic Tom Ballard, just helping his friends on the field.

Written by Marty Aftewicz