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Sept. 2018 BOD MEETING

Posted by Robbie Crider at Sep 13, 2018 11:47AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board was held at Game Day, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:35 PM;

Present members: Ray DeLuca, Bob Werner, Darrell Moreland, Norm Thiem, Mike Parson, Robbie Crider, Dewey Hom, John Humeston, Randy Bergman & Dan Fleming;

Absent Members: Bob Hammond, Don DiSalvo

A. Minutes from the August 13, 2018, and follow-up BOD meeting on August 20, 2018, were read, discussed and approved

B. Treasurer Report was presented discussed and passed by the board. Balance as of September 9, 2018, is $25,346. Field, umpire, uniform and scorekeeper fees for the fall leagues are still to be paid.

C. All National League bats need to be checked and approved by the umpires for compression, alterations, cracks, etc, prior to using in any games. The bats will be signed by the testing umpires for approval. All other leagues will have the bats visually inspected, under the judgment of the umpires, for alterations, cracks, etc, especially if they cause an injury to a defensive player. All bats in the leagues will need to be signed off on by the umpires by the 5th game of the season.

D. Unpaid sponsors for 2018, remains at 2. Two of the sponsors have worked out a deal to help the CSSA and/or paid for the season.

E. The 4 new Strike Zone Mats are not working properly. We will continue to use the old mats until alterations to the new mats have been made.

F. The rules concerning the pitching screen will remain on hold until the end of the season. At that time such changes in towing the rubber, amount of dead ball fouls, etc will be discussed.

G. After an umpire call made in one of last week’s game, a suggestion was made to reposition the home plate umpire. It was agreed that Darrell Moreland (head umpire) will meet with the umpire crew on 9-11-18, and have them reposition themselves to the side of home plate instead of directly behind the catcher. The BOD believes this will enable the umpires to have a better view of pitched & batted balls.

H. In the future, a copy of the players waiver form will be placed on the CSSA website.

I. At the end of each season, the team managers will collect ALL the uniform shirts from his players as to have them available for the next season. This will defer some expenses for new shirts for new players.
J. The BOD has decided that a managers and the board will have a meeting within 2 weeks of the ‘Spring’ tryouts to go over various rule changes, responsibilities, etc that may have come up during the off season. We feel that this will put everyone on the same level with NO surprises or misunderstandings for the upcoming season.

K. Plans for the Fall Awards Banquet were discussed and the date of November 12, 2018, has been chosen. This will allow enough time for awards to be made, and at least 10 days before Thanksgiving. We will be taking bids for catering and venues over the next few weeks.

L. ***The most important thing that needs to be done, by all the players, is to determine if anyone would like to be part of the BOD for 2018-2019, and/or nominate someone for a position. PLEASE contact the person that you would like to nominate before your decision is published. Please notify Secretary Ray DeLuca ASAP, but NO LATER THAN 10-12-2018, with either, you will be volunteering and/or nominating someone. All nominations must be voted on and completed by the last games of the season.
Also, nominations for the Arnold Fowler & Lowell Lawson Awards must be received in the same time period. These are the requirements for these 2 prestigious awards:

The Arnold Fowler Award is an annual award, and is the most prestigious award of the CSSA that honors one player, chosen by his peers, who demonstrated the qualities of integrity, dedication, teamwork, and the other intangibles to a high degree. Written nominations are accepted by BOD members throughout the calendar year. CSSA members during that calendar year shall cast vote on the nominees. The Secretary shall determine the method and/or manner of voting. The nominee receiving the most votes will be awarded the Arnold Fowler award.

The Lowell Lawson Award is based on his belief that there are many who wish to participate, but very few willing to take the leadership role to plan, implement and maintain the organization. This award is established to recognize those individuals who take the extra steps to ensure the organization flourishes. Those chosen for this award have made a significant and lasting impact on or off the field of play for the association. These individuals, through their devotion and hard work have earned the respect and admiration of their fellow organizational members. Due to the nature of these accomplishments the credit does not always go to these individuals. Recognition in this environment is generally hidden. There are very few having access to these accomplishments and aware of such deeds. Therefore, the voting for this reward is limited to Board Members and Team Managers. However, anyone within the CSSA may submit a nominee which requires a written detailed justification. This Award therefore is the highest honor in CSSA.

M. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM

All Tuesday games rained out Aug 21, 2018 have been rescheduled for Tues Aug 28, 2018. Schedules have been updated. Any questions, please contact your manager.
Let’s hope Fall doesn’t have the first 2 weeks of games rained out like Spring 2018!!

Rain cancelled all Tues night games, schedules will be updated as soon as possible.

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Time Table Update

Posted by Pat Hill at Aug 13, 2018 8:49AM PDT

My previous update omitted the Thursday night league. They will be forming their teams this Thursday (16th) and begin play next Thursday (23rd). Robbie Crider is in charge of that league. He advices me that they are only taking American League and National League level players. If you want to be considered contact Robbie, if you have not already done so. Robbie 678-770-8033 or

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CSSA Update

Posted by Pat Hill at Aug 9, 2018 2:24PM PDT

As most of you know, there is a major reorganiztion of the CSSA evening operation in process. Things are moving ahead well, but the team formation is a little behind schedule. The following is to keep everyone adviced of where we are.

1. The new National League has been created, the draft has been held and 5 teams of 12 players formed.
2. The new Americam League has been created, the draft was completed last night with 5 teams of 12
3. The Masters League has lost a number of their top players to the new American League. The ML managers
met Tuesday night to figure out how to re-create their teams in the most fair way for all teams. Five of
the six mangers agreed to work together to make the Master League a balanced as possible. One
manager got angry and stomped out saying he and his players would not play in the CSSA. He has been
given the opportunity to reconsider, but has choosen not to do so. Now that the American League draft
is over and the available players known, the remaining five manager are meeting tonight to discuss the
method and proceedures for a major re-draft of the Masters League teams. Among other things they
will decide whether to go with 5 or 6 teams, the number of players available for each team, and the
proceedure of the selections. They will then have their draft on Monday night.
4. The Wednesday night league will draft on either Tuesday or Wednesday night. They will have 4 teams.
5. The Monday Cornerstone League is still in the process of lining up players to replace the coach and several
players that left. They plan to have 4 teams. Uncertain when they may form the teams
6. Monday morning Legends League is drafting Saturday morning with 4 teams.
7. Wednesday morning League is planning to draft on Sunday evening.

Season Start
The Monday morning Legends League is starting next Monday (13th) due to the Monday holiday.
The Monday Cornerstone League is starting the first Monday in Sept and playing a lot of doubleheaders.
All other leagues start the week of the 20th.

Pat Hill