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Mike and his family in need of privacy as the mourn the loss of a loved family member.
Olga Woltering and her husband, Ralph, are from Marietta, Georgia. The couple flew into Fort Lauderdale for a cruise with their children, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Ralph wasn’t injured in the shooting, but Olga was killed. The cruise was to celebrate Ralph’s 90th birthday, said fellow churchgoer Dan Blankowski.
The couple were involved members of Transfiguration Catholic Church since they joined in 1978, he said, and regularly front seat attendees to 5 p.m. Mass.

If I get more information I will pass it on.

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Returning players

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Jan 2, 2017 12:44PM PST ( 1 Comment )

It is time to check on players retuning and not retuning.

Present:  Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Ken Taylor, Randy Bergman, Warren Butler, Mike Parsons, Ron O’Donnell, Lee Molway, Ray Deluca, Jerry Bohacek, Norm Thiem
Absent:  Scott Parrish
Dewey Hom – Calls meeting to order at 6:40pm
Treasures Report:  Beginning balance:  $7,281.82  Ending balance:  $6,546.84
Topics discussed:

  • Banquet – Ended up with about 200 people.  Feedback was positive on facility, food and association.  Monday night proved to be very popular.  Some would like to see 50/50 money used for a charitable organization.  Warren Butler is still working on corporate sponsorships for next year.  
  • Lee Molway is working on revamping website.  Great progress is being made.  Thanks Lee.
  • Scorekeeping – As discussed at last meeting, Randy made a motion to change scoring method on error vs hit.  This is to take subjectivity out of score keepers’ hands.  His motion is if you get on base and it is not a walk or fielder’s choice, it is a hit.  Motion was 2nd by Warren.  It was voted on and passed with 7 in favor and 2 opposed.
  • Umpires – Have a proposal from Mike.  Do we want to go with 1 umpire?  Approx. $6,000 savings.  Will discuss at next meeting Dec. 19
  • Ballots – Masters Director , Ron O’Donnell won re-election to this position, with a vote of 36 to 34 over Doug Ashby.  All other board positions were unopposed.  
  • Survey – Results of survey:  Keep statistics – yes, keep individual awards – yes, Thursday night league –yes.
  • Pitching screens – discussed whether we need to use these in all leagues.  Do we need to standardize rules for all leagues?  Will discuss at next
    meeting.  Ray Deluca made a motion to use pitching screens for all leagues.  Lee Molway 2nd this motion.  Will vote on this at next meeting.  
  • Next meeting – December 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm – Gameday

Present:  Dewey Hom, Warren Butler, Bob Hammond, Randy Bergman, Mike Parsons, Lee Molway, Ray Deluca, Ken Taylor, Jerry Bohacek, Ron O’Donnell
Absent: Scott Parrish
Dewey Hom – calls meeting to order at 6:30pm
Secretary Minutes:  October minutes presented, but were amended and sent out for comments.  None made and posted.
Treasures Report:  Beginning balance- $12,480.38.  Ending balance – $6,193.68
Topics Discussed:
·        Checked with everyone about banquet tickets and all money collected.
·        Everything set with food, waiting on a final count.
·        Banquet  – Doors open at 6:30, dinner at 7:00, program starts at 7:45.
·        Evaluation dates:  February 11/12, February 18/19, 2017
·        Spring season starts March 13, 2017
·        Discussed meeting with NGUA
·        Discussed meeting with second party, and possibly using his umpires.
·        Umpires are 40% of our budget, how would we like to move forward to reduce this cost?
·        Discussed going to 1 umpire at a game.  Consensus among board members was using 1 umpire was the way to go.  Would like league directors to discuss with team managers and get their input. Will discuss in December.
·        Lee Molway has fixed some issues with website and projected to be future webmaster.  Thanks Lee.
·        Score keeping –it was suggested that we simplify scoring.  The idea was if you get on base it is a hit or a walk.  This takes the subjectivity out of the scorekeepers’ hands and makes it more fair, and easy for automated scoring. Will discuss before season starts.

·        Next meeting – December 5th, 6:30 pm at GameDay.     

2016 Banquet

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Nov 17, 2016 12:48PM PST

The CSSA annual banquet took place on November 14 at Sidelines Grille, Prestige Catering, Suite Six Venue
147 Reinhardt College Pkwy . Canton . GA . 30114. Pictures from the event can be found in the albums section of this page, A great time was enjoyed by over a 150 players.