News and Announcements

1. We are using this opportunity to expand CSSA into another metro Atlanta Park.

2. Priority will be given to players that are only playing once or not at all.

3. We will follow all current CSSA rules.

4. You must be turning 49 this year, bring ID if you are new.

5. Practice will begin at 6:45.

6. Come earlier to pay your $50 league fee, provide shirt size, preferred positions and warm up.

7. For the first year, this will be more of a formal pick up game type atmosphere.

8. If you cannot attend and still would like to play, make arrangements to pay Mike Parson or Dewey Hom before next Thursday.

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Aug 2017 Board Meeting

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Aug 11, 2017 10:33AM PDT


August 1, 2017
Present: Dewey Hom, Warren Butler, Bob Hammond, Ken Taylor, Randy Bergman, Lee Molway, Bob Werner, John Humeston, Mike Parson, Scott Parrish, Dan Flemming
Absent: Ray DeLuca

Dewey Hom calls meeting to order at 6:30
Treasurers Report: Beginning balance – $13,454.90 Ending balance – $9,824.81 See attached for details.
Topics Discussed:

• Evaluations –Thanks to all that helped make it a great success. Over 50 new players joined CSSA. • Schedules – League directors make sure Anne has all the new schedules. Season will start on August 14, 2017 and will end no later than October 25, 2017
• Thursday Night League – CSSA has been Ok’d to use Skip Wells Park. They will supply all items except uniforms. Start date will be August 24th. There will be room for 4 teams. Mike Parson/Dewey Hom will be running this league and if you would like to play contact them. The vote was 10 for and 0 against for this new league, approved.
• Umpires/Scorekeepers/Stats – Everything is set and ready for the season. • League Updates – Bob, Monday morning, draft done, ready to go. Mike, American League, draft done ready to go. John, Masters, draft done, ready to go. Randy, Legacy, draft August 3rd. (Done), ready to go. Lee, Wed. morning, draft done, ready to go. Thank you to all league directors for what you do. • Rule changes – Pitching screen change: Passed 10-0.
• Rule changes – Pool players: Passed 10-0 • Rule changes – Rules of play, Mercy rules, 5 run rule: Passed 10-0.
• Rule changes – Flip flop rule: Passed 10-0 • Next meeting – August 28, 2017, 6:30 pm. Place to be determined.
• Meeting adjourned.

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No Practice

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Aug 8, 2017 11:09AM PDT

Tuesday August 8 2017 all fields to wet for practice.

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No Practice

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Aug 7, 2017 5:18AM PDT

Monday August 7 2017 all fields to wet for practice.

June 27, 2017
Present: Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Warren Butler, Ken Taylor, Mike Parson, Randy Bergman, John Humeston, Ray Deluca, Lee Molway, Don DiSalvo, Tim Dunagan, Scott Trevathan, Bob Werner
Absent: Scott Parrish
Dewey Hom calls meeting to order at 6:30pm
Topics Discussed:
• Evaluations – Will be held Tuesday, July 11th and Tuesday July 18th , 6pm at Hobgood Park. Managers – any late additions to roster last season must be evaluated for fall season. • Lessons learned – Dewey proposed going to a 10 game schedule next spring. Very difficult to get 12 game schedule in because of weather and CRPA tournaments. The 2 extra games were a bonus, we were only paying for 10. • Fall Season – Season will start on August 14th and finished by October 26th at the latest. • Rules changes – rules changes were discussed and Lee will send out any new proposals. All changes will be voted on at next board meeting in July. • Hats – Randy brought in some samples of hats. It was discussed whether we should buy some hats for upcoming season. It was also discussed about getting hats and selling them to the people that may want them. $5.00 a hat was mentioned with the league subsidizing the remaining cost. No decision was made. • Wednesday Legacy League Move – Randy has been getting information about a possible move to Skip Wells Park (formerly Bells Ferry) for the Legacy League due to rising costs at Hobgood on Wednesdays. After a lengthy discussion it was decided by all coaches and board members that it would be better to stay at Hobgood Park.
• New Thursday League – CSSA is exploring the idea of starting a new league on Thursday nights that would be open to all CSSA players. The idea was to start with 4 teams, with 12-13 players per team. Managers, please get with your teams and see if there is enough interest to go forward with this idea. There would also be a need for someone to be a league director. • Next Meeting – July 10th at 6:30 pm, R & M Hoagie Shop, Canton, GA. • Meeting adjourned.