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Present: Warren Butler, Bob Hammond, Ron O’Donnell, Mike Parson, Randy
Bergman, Ray Deluca, Ken Taylor, Jerry Bohacek, Lee Molway
Absent: Dewey Hom, Scott Parrish
Warren Butler – calls meeting to order at 6:30pm
Secretary Minutes: September 26th. Minutes presented and accepted
Treasures Report: Beginning balance-$21,015.47 Ending balance – $20,967.48
Topics Discussed:
• Vetting process will include an interview of prospective candidates by the board to see if they are qualified for the position. A majority yes vote will put them on the ballot.
• Doug Ashby came before the board to explain his qualifications to run for Masters League Director. After discussions, Ken Taylor proposed a motion to put Doug on the ballot with Ron O’Donnell. 2nd. By Lee Molway.
• Masters League Director – a ballot will be presented to players of this league on October 4, 2016 to vote on director.
• Banquet Tickets – Available this week. League Directors make sure managers have tickets and are promoting ticket sales. Board members all agreed to bring a door prize to banquet.
• Ron brought up the need to pay umpires for an extra game, and should we continue this practice. Everyone agreed it needed to be discussed at a later meeting before next season.
• Ray said Gold Senior umpire issues have been resolved to alls’ satisfaction.
• Next Meeting: November 7, 2016 – R & M , Canton, GA – 6:30 pm

September 12, 2016
Present:  Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Warren Butler, Lee Molway, Ray Deluca, Scott Parrish
Absent:  Ron O’Donnell, Randy Bergman, Ken Taylor, Mike Parson, Jerry Bohacek
Dewy Hom calls meeting to order at 6:35
Treasurers Report:  Beginning balance -$4,136.41.  Ending balance – $21,015.47
Secretay Minutes:  August minutes presented and accepted unanimously
·         Topics Discussed:    Discussed electronic scoring issues with Scott, Yvonne, and Anne. 
                                  What needs to be fixed?  Do we need to be spending money for Stats.     
                                   Check with Ken to see if direct deposit is a possibility for paying Yvonne &
                                   League directors, Please let managers know it is appreciated that they do
                                   team checks  for entry fees.
                                   Dewey Hom and Warren Butler brought up issue with umpires in Masters
                                   Division, and the possible legal issues involved.  To be discussed more at a
                                   later date.
Next Meeting:  Sept. 26th.  7pm, R & M, Canton GA.
                             Items to be discussed:  Arnold Fowler Award, League Directors-Who is coming
                             back?,  Survey – adding another league, net-masks, getting rid of stats, pads for
                             batters box – cost?
Banquet:  Monday, Nov. 14th, Doors open at 6:30, program 7:00 – 9:30, Sidelines Grille, Canton,
                   GA.  Still working on sponsorships.  Menu to be finalized.  No band.

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September 26, 2016

Present: Dewey Hom, Bob Hammond, Warren Butler, Ray Deluca, Ron O’donnell

Randy Bergman, Ken Taylor, Mike Parson, Lee Molway

Absent: Jerry Bohacek, Scott Parish

Dewey Hom – calls meeting to order at 6:30pm

Secretary Minutes: September minutes presented and accepted unamiously.

Treasures Report: Beginning balance – $21,015.47 Ending Balance – $17,927.47

Topics Discussed:

•Metro Atlanta Softball League –discussed what is going on in there league

•Championship shirts –Dewey will hand out at banquet. Black shirts –long sleeve was mentioned.

•Banquet – menu to be finalized this week. Tickets will be sold by managers. Cost was set at $20.00 for member and $15.00 for guest. Warren still looking in to a sponsor. Voted to do a 50/50 raffle with proceeds going to league.

•League Updates – Lee – going to 90 minute games. Ray – Remind managers they are the only ones to discuss a call with umpire, this will be enforced by umpires. Ron –asked for a rule on foul balls. Randy – rainout date at end of schedule.

•Surveys & Ballots – Nets & masks will not be on survey and will be discussed at a later date and a decision to be made before next season. Stats will be on survey along with Individual Awards (trophys-plaques)

•Arnold Fowler – Will have a ballot at next meeting.

•Lowell Lawson Award – Ray Deluca was the unanimous winner.

•Board of Directors – The need for a code of conduct was discussed, along with a vetting process. Ken Taylor proposed a vote on a vetting process for new members. They would be allowed to run if they receive a majority vote. Proposal was 2nd by Lee Molway. Proposal was passed.

Next meeting: October 3, 2016 – 6:30pm , R & M, Canton, GA.

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2016 Banquet

Posted by Dewey Hom at Oct 4, 2016 3:44AM PDT

Banquet will be on a MONDAY, November 14, 2016.

This years banquet will be held at a new location. We will be using the upstairs facility that holds over 200 people. Attendees will get both entrees and not just a choice of one. Pass this on to all. Cost is $20 per player and $15 for each additional guest. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Sidelines Grille, Prestige Catering, Suite Six Venue
147 Reinhardt College Pkwy . Canton . GA . 30114

Banquet Menu:

Chopped House Salad Tossed With Balsamic

Sweet Hawaiian Rolls & Butter Chips

Baked Ziti With Ground Meat

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Roasted Green Beans

Roasted Red Potatoes

Assorted Cookies & Brownies

Tea, Lemonade, Water, Coffee, Sweeteners & Lemons

cash bar

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Posted by Dewey Hom at Sep 13, 2016 9:29AM PDT

Arnold Fowler and Board of Director Nominations should be sent in to Bob Hammond and Dewey Hom no later than Sep 23rd.