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Black Eagles

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Black Eagles who represented the EDSL on the state ultimate cup the “Sal Rapaglia NY Super Cup”
They lost 1-0 to the Greek American on the deflected goal on the 89th minute. They went on to beat the LISFL champion Glen Cove on Pk’s and came in second on the group stage.

Steve Howansky EDSL 2017 Cup has a Winner...

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June 18, 2017 at Pelton Field Yonkers NY (by Peter Pinori)

Black Eagles won the Steve Howansky EDSL Cup final today by defeating Oranje 1777 by the score of 3-0.
Black Eagles scored in the 6th minute of the first half when they received a PK for a foul in the Penalty area which the Oranje player being the last man received a straight Red card.
Oranje even though were playing a man short for over 85 minutes did have many opportunities to score and hit the cross bar on 2 separate occasions.
Both team goalies made many saves keeping their team in the game.

Congratulation to our new team Oranje on making 2 separate finals (Playoff and Steve Howansky Open Cup) and by coming in 2nd at our regular championship season.
I believe that if the team could have counted on a roster of 14 players ready to play in each game for sure they would have won one or our competitions.
Coach/Manager Afrin Lajqi proudly responded " I would like to thank you(Peter) and the Eastern District League for allowing us to put our team in this state league. We look forward to playing again this upcoming September. It was a up and down battle but it was lots of fun. In the last five games we only lost one game. I think it’s a great accomplishment for our first season. When we field a full squad I think it’s very promising but it’s always who shows up on Sunday’s". “Thank you so much”

CONGRATULATIONS to our new team Black Eagles on winning the EDSL Open Steve Howansky 2017 Cup.


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June 11, 2017 at Tibbets Field #3 Yonkers NY
Yonkers Ukrainians are the EDSL Open Champions for the year 2017.
The Ukrainians defeated Oranje 1777 this Sunday by the score of 5-0.
Oranje did start the game with 9 players and was down 2-0 before 2
additional players came in.

This is the second consecutive year that Yonkers Ukrainians won both the
regular championship and the EDSL Open playoffs.
Congratulation to Coach Zenick and Manager Mark Howansky on a terrific
soccer year!

By Peter Pinori

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May 20, 2017
Oranje 1777 4 vs 1 Black Eagles
May 21, 2017
02:00 pm Yonkers Ukrainians 3 vs 2 Ossining Portuguese Tibbets Park.
Today we had 2 Playoff semifinals. Ossining Portuguese went ahead twice at 1 – 0 then 2-1 Yonkers Ukrainians tied the game both times and scored the winning goal right at the end of regulation time. Ossining Portuguese also had to play with 10 players since one players was ejected in the second half.

03:00p.m. Oranje 1777 4 vs 2 Cabo Verde Highland Falls.
Cabo Verde did travel to Highland NY and lost vs a very strong Oranje by the score of 2-4 .

June 11, 2017
12:00p.m. Yonkers Ukranians vs Oranje 1777 Tibbets Park #3

The final for the EDSL playoff is now scheduled for June 11, 12pm at Tibbets park #3 in Yonkers. #1 Seed Yonkers Ukrainians will face the 2nd seed Oranje 1777 for the EDSL Playoff Cup and the $1,000 prize Money.

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5-14-17 Kelmendy vs Ossining Portuguese
Today 5/14/17 at Pelton field in Yonkers 6th seeded Ossining Portuguese beat 3rd seeded Kelmendi by the score of 4-1.
All goals came in the second half and after an Ossining player was shown a red card which also resulted in a PK for Kelmendi.
Ossining Portuguese Goalie and MVP of the game not only saved the penalty kick but also the rebound.
The Ossining Goalie made save after save and kept the 10 men Ossining Portuguese in the game.
Ossining took the lead and while Kelmendi was trying to tie the game on the counter attack Ossining scored 3 more times.
5-14-17 Oranje vs Black Eagles
The game Oranje vs Black Eagles was not played today due to the heavy rain the field is a grass field and is not playable. This game will be made up on Saturday May 20th at 3pm at the same park Mary Nardone park in Highland falls NY.
5-14-17 other results
Ukranians 3 Westchesster Cf 0
Cabo Verde 3 Germania 0
Games next week Sunday May 21st will be determined by the result of the game on Saturday.
These are the possibilities
Semifinal #1 –
Yonkers Ukrainians will play at Tibbets Field #3 with either Ossining Portuguese or Black Eagles
Semifinal #2 –
Oranje will play Cabo Verde in Highland Falls or Cabo Verde will play Ossining Portuguese at 9am at Pelton park