A message from UAE Womens National Team & Jumbos

Feb 12, 2019 am amazing event took place...
While on a tour of the USA, the United Arab Emirates Womens National Hockey Team stopped in to Boston, MA to put on a Hockey Clinic and play some serious hockey with the East Coast Jumbos!

So many new friendships, and so so so much fun! And the message of the evening, “HOCKEY IS FOR EVERYONE!” 😎

An enormous Thank You to the UAE Womens National Hockey Team, American Special Hockey, and ALL the people behind the scenes across both teams and many organizations that helped to make this event a possibility and a HUGE success!

🏒🐘 🇦🇪 🐘🏒

Jumbos on WBZ

Jumbos and Holy Cross

Jumbos ALS Challenge

Jumbos Accept ALS challenge

Jumbo on Trampoline