Can one get a service dog for stress and anxiety?

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Can one get a service dog for stress and anxiety?

Dealing with stress and anxiety can be exhausting and draining. Too much stress can affect our mental peace and cause mental health disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, etc. Anxiety can cause hindrance in your daily work by making you feel tired, anxious, stressed, nervous, hyper and nauseous all the time. If you struggle with anxiety you might not be able to regulate your emotions and get hyper and panic attacks even if you face a minor inconvenience. You need to get professional help in order to manage anxiety disorders. 

At realesaletter we understand that stress and anxiety can have a significant impact on your daily life and mental well-being. While emotional support animals (ESAs) can provide comfort and emotional support, they are not trained to perform specific tasks to assist individuals with disabilities. However, a service dog can be trained to perform tasks that mitigate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Some tasks that a service dog can perform include providing deep pressure therapy, interrupting repetitive behaviors, and alerting to panic attacks.

If you believe that a service dog would be beneficial for managing your stress and anxiety, our team of licensed mental health professionals can assess your mental health needs and determine if you qualify for a service dog. At, we are dedicated to providing quality care and support to ensure that our clients receive the necessary documentation to live and travel with their service dog. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you obtain a service dog for your specific mental health needs.


It is mandatory for every individual to take care of their mental health. Mental health involves both emotional stability and psychological well-being of an individual. However, mental health plays a vital role in our daily lives. It significantly impacts our relationships, work, sleeping pattern and mental well-being. We should not take our mental health for granted because it helps us determine how we handle stress, anxiety and react to certain situations and events. 


Poor mental health can create difficulties in managing our day-to-day activities. We feel overwhelmed, stressed and drained. We often have breakdowns and even the simplest task becomes difficult for us. People who are mentally unwell tend to face difficulties in handling stressful situations. Professional help is mandatory for people who are unable to help themselves. It is important to get proper treatment for your mental health disorder. 


The symptoms of poor mental health may include helplessness, emotional instability, hopelessness, feelings of sadness, no appetite, lack of interest in the activities you used to enjoy, frustration, irritability, low self-esteem and more. If you are facing any of these symptoms you should seek professional help.


Many people ask us if they should get a service dog for stress and anxiety. If you have a similar question, then keep on reading this article because we will clear your misconceptions. 


What are service Dogs? 


Service dogs are specifically trained dogs used to offer support to disabled people who cannot perform certain tasks on their own. Moreover, service dogs are also known as guide dogs. They provide guidance to their owners through difficulty to perform the tasks due to any sort of physical or mental disability. They offer help to blind people, physically disabled people, and in some cases, severely mentally ill people who are unable to perform certain tasks. 


Can you get a service dog for anxiety and stress? 


Anxiety and stress are mental health disorders. However, it may cause you physical disability. If you have severe anxiety and are unable to carry out certain tasks, then you can apply for a service dog. If you are physically well and able to perform your daily life tasks well, you do not require a service dog. You have to make a request and qualify for the ownership of a service dog for your disability. However, many people who suffer from anxiety and stress issues may not always qualify for the ownership of a service dog. 


It is mandatory to have a physical disability to be able to get qualified for getting a service dog. You don’t have to worry because you can benefit from having an ESA dog for your mental health disability. Emotional support animals offer you immense love, care and affection that helps you feel better. 


There are several emotional and psychological benefits of emotional support animals that help you calm down during anxiety attacks. Emotional support dogs are helpful for people with anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. They help you remain calm and stress free. Even patting them or stroking them makes you feel relaxed and calm. 


Service Dog Vs ESA Dog 


Emotional support dogs are not specifically trained dogs. They are just like your pets; they just provide emotional support to a mentally ill person. In contrast with that, special training is provided to a service dog to help people with disabilities complete their tasks. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have much information about emotional support therapy and how to get yourself an emotional support animal to cure anxiety and stress issues. We will explain to you the entire process of how to obtain an ESA letter for your emotional support professionally from your therapist. There are several companies that are working online, selling fake emotional support letters and charging high amounts from people. 


What is an ESA certificate? 


An emotional support letter is an official and legal document which is approved by your licensed therapist or mental health professional after a thorough medical assessment and diagnosis. You have to go through an entire process recommended by your therapist to be able to get an emotional support animal letter for yourself. There is a significantly high demand for an ESA because of its popularity and effectiveness. 


Process of obtaining an ESA certificate 


Obtaining a legitimate emotional support animal letter is super easy. You have to find an authentic website online that can connect you with a licensed therapist. After that, you need to get yourself registered on the website by entering your personal details and information regarding your mental health symptoms. 


Your therapist will send an official email to you after being assigned to you. You can set an appointment with him for the first session. He will conduct an analysis and determine if you need to have an emotional support animal or not. If you qualify for it, he will provide an ESA letter for housing that will enable you to keep your animal with you all the time. You are allowed to keep your ESA despite a no pet policy at your home under the Fair Housing Act that protects the rights of mentally ill people. 

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