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The Instagram stories often contain entertaining and entertaining content – only they disappear again after 24 hours. Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, the videos and images can be downloaded from your own stories as well as from other users. In the following article, you will learn how the download works without any problems.
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Instagram Story Download – Save your own stories in the highlights.
If you want to receive your own Instagram Stories for more than 24 hours and place them prominently on your profile, you can use Instagram Highlights. To do this, proceed as follows:
1. Within the app, open your profile, click “Story Highlights,” and tap the “+” icon.
2. Select a story or multiple stories to add to Highlights.
3. Confirm with “Next.”
4. You can still add a cover photo and give the story a name. The cover is the first thing your followers will see of your newly created highlight, so choose a particularly meaningful image for the title.
5. If you want to add more stories later, go to “Edit Highlights.” You can also use the editing function to change or replace the cover image if you no longer like it.
Since stories that are saved in the highlights are placed directly under the bio, they receive extra attention. You should therefore think carefully about what content you want to place in this prominent position.
Save your own stories or those of others locally with iOS.

Saving your own stories locally is also easy with the iPhone. To do this, proceed as follows:
1. In the Instagram app, tap your profile picture to see your latest story.
2. Tap on the menu items and go to “Save” -> “Save Photo” or to “Save” -> Save Video."
The photo or video is now in the gallery of your smartphone.
Even if your Instagram story ran more than 24 hours ago, you could still download the story. To do this, go to the “Archive” button in your Instagram profile. Here you can select the functions “Save photo” or “Save vid
eo.” You can also save other people’s stories on iOS with the screenshot function – but only images, no videos.

Download your own stories or those of others with Android
You can easily download your own stories – regardless of whether they are current stories or story highlights:
1. Call up the story you want to save and tap on the three menu items on the right edge.
2. If you want to save a single story element, go to “More” -> “Save” -> “Save Video.” If you want to save an entire story, select “More” -> “Save” -> “Save Story.”
If you download an entire story at once, Instagram will automatically create a video from it, showing each individual story element for a short time. You cannot continue typing here, as is otherwise possible with Instagram.
The easiest way to download third-party stories that only consist of images is to use the “Screenshots” function. Depending on the Android smartphone, this works by pressing the “Power button and volume down” or “Power button and Home button” buttons simultaneously or by pressing and holding the power button.
Both iPhone and Android users can download videos or GIFs via apps. In addition, there are also web solutions for downloading moving images. You can find out more about this in the next sections.
How Instagram Story video download works with iPhone and Android
iPhone users have the option to use the Story Reposter app to download stories that come from public profiles. A search bar allows you to search for profiles watching and downloading stories in the app. This does not show the person that you have seen the story.

The StorySaver app is available for Android smartphones. Downloading and saving stories works on the same principle as Story Reposter.

These web solutions enable story video download
The Chrome IG Story extension is available for the Chrome browser – it is easy to install. To download the stories, log in with your Instagram account. Now you can browse through all stories of users you follow. When you view a story, a button will appear that allows you to download it.
Sites such as,,, or also allow downloading stories originating from public profiles. Particularly practical: With the web solutions mentioned, you don’t have to install anything, and you don’t have to log in. The websites work on both mobile and PC. When you’re ready, simply use the search bar to find the profile and story you want and hit the download button.
Observe the copyright of other stories
Downloading other people’s stories can help analyze competitor profiles or generate ideas. However, please note that you do not own the right to use other users’ Instagram Stories, and you may not publish them unless you have permission to do so.

For example, you can contact the author via Instagram’s message function and ask for permission to publish the content. And you should take advantage of this option if you don’t want to use the stories purely privately – otherwise, you could be legally prosecuted for copyright infringement. In addition, your Instagram account could be blocked.
Instagram Stories can be saved locally using various methods. For your own stories, the Instagram Highlights feature is the most convenient. If you want to download other people’s stories with videos or GIFs, the Story Reposter app is ideal for the iPhone, and the StorySaver app is the counterpart for Android smartphones. There are a number of web solutions that run without registration and prior installation.

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