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For a few months now, Instagram users have been able to use the Instagram Stories feature and share their day with their followers through a collection of images and videos. But how can companies use these Instagram Stories? We tried something out and let you share our secrets on how companies can benefit from their own Instagram Stories.
22 The different Instagram stories can be seen in the colored circles above the news feed. Verified accounts can also set links within a story,

An Instagram story is a compilation of self-selected pictures and videos that followers can view. Instagram and Facebook were inspired by Snapchat. There was a similar function there for a long time. The Instagram Stories can be found in the upper area of the newsfeed. A white bar shows how much content is in the respective story. You cannot like and comment on Instagram Stories. As with Snapchat, the individual content in Instagram Stories also only lives for 24 hours before it is automatically deleted.

For many companies, Instagram already plays an important role in their social media activities. The heart of Instagram is still the newsfeed. The stories are optically more in the background since they are only displayed at the top of the home screen. Nevertheless, they are very popular because they guide you through different content using multimedia and simply offer variety. And precisely for this reason, it is worth the effort for companies to use Instagram Stories for their own strategy.

First of all, the question arises, which content is the right one? There is no rule for this, but an Instagram story does not necessarily have to be fed only with high-quality image material, as one would do with normal posts. Less can definitely be more here. The main thing is that the mix is right, consisting of images and videos. Of course, it is also crucial how long such an Instagram story should last in total. An adequate measure of the content should be found here. Important: don’t let boredom arise, and don’t split a video into several snippets.
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Recently, you can enhance your story content with a colored text or your own drawings. Instagram offers its own drawing tools for this purpose. Images and videos can be beautified with filters within an Instagram story. The same applies here: it is better to follow a line instead of experimenting too wildly. Boomerang and Hyperlaps can also add that extra something to your Instagram Stories. Do you want to tag other profiles? No problem with the @-mention. Individual verified accounts can also add links to their stories. It is to be hoped that this feature will soon be usable for everyone. Since the effort should not be underestimated, given that the pictures and videos can only be viewed for 24 hours, you can also save individual content using the AutoSave function. After creating an Instagram story, it should definitely be shared as a post because that doesn’t happen automatically.
Instagram Stories provide variety in the app. The right content and well-used effects ensure a lot of attention. However, the effort should not be underestimated because the content should not simply be copied here either. Instagram Stories like Starbucks and Mercedes can serve as inspiration.

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