40 argumentative essay topics no one thought of in 2021

Posted by Luke Harper on Apr 18 2022 at 04:57AM PDT

If you want to write a compelling essay then you must come up with a unique topic. Students find it most difficult to select a topic and often tend to avail themselves outside help. There is nothing wrong with asking your professors, colleagues, or professional writers for guidance. You cannot start your essay before the finalization of a topic as you need to collect data as well.

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           If you ever feel stuck then you can also avail of professional services. I am writing down some argumentative essay topics for your guidance. If you want to check the quality of an essay writer online then choose one of the following topics and ask him to write you an essay. It is the best way to learn new techniques adopted and followed by professional writers.

40 argumentative essay topics

  1.     How can people get sick by dieting?
  2.     Successful marriage and necessity of romance
  3.     War on terror is itself contribute to the abuse of human rights
  4.     High school graduating and importance of gap year
  5.     Parents should equally contribute to raising their children
  6.     Why do Americans have long summer vacations?
  7.     How can a person develop an attractive personality?
  8.     Why should the sale and production of cigarettes be illegal?
  9.     Modern life and dependence on technology
  10. How censorship can be justified?
  11. The government should respect people’s privacy
  12. A clear distinction between privacy and public security
  13. Vaccine causing autism must be prohibited
  14. How marijuana can be helpful to treat different mental disorders?
  15. Recreational use of marijuana should be legalized
  16. The government can make millions in revenue by legalizing drugs
  17. The significance of human cloning vs. animals
  18. How humanity has contributed to global warming?
  19. Are cell phones and microwave ovens unsafe for children?
  20. The rising cases of drug abuse among teens
  21. How can students get rid of student debt?
  22. How college homework can be helpful for students to learn?
  23. Why is the school uniform important to wear?
  24. Why euthanasia is immoral, bad, and opposed to law?
  25. How American public fairly contribute to taxes?
  26. Is the American health system really broken?
  27. Why every American cannot afford health insurance?
  28. The necessity of life insurance in the United States
  29. Zoos must not keep animals in cages
  30. Animal abuse should be stopped in the cosmetic industry
  31. How curfews help children to learn important rules?
  32. Why is privacy the most important individual’s right?
  33. How alcohol affects the nervous system?
  34. Domestic violence against men: An emerging phenomenon
  35. How music influences the human body positively?
  36. Are women really responsible for creating destructive relationships?
  37. Potential dangers of earthquakes
  38. What does it mean to grow up in poverty?
  39. How stress impacts an individual’s health?
  40. The economic impacts of American overseas intervention 

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