U18 League Freedom of Movement

Posted by U-18 A Timmins Flyers on Sep 14 2021 at 07:18AM PDT

For those of you who are new or not familiar with the process, the Timmins U18 League essentially functions under a “Freedom of Movement” understanding. Players residing in the Timmins/Schumacher/Porcupine areas, have the choice as to which of or all three teams to tryout for. Whether it be the Porcupine Gold Kings, Schumacher Cubs or the Timmins Flyers, attempts at making these teams must be exhausted before any Permission to Skate Form can be issued. The Timmins U18 League has no restrictions as to which team/association a player would like to try out for.

If a player is not selected by any of the local three teams, then and only then can a Permission to Skate Form be granted to tryout in another location.