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We are happy to offer Softball Camp (formerly known as Play Days and Skills Clinics) for any adults who are interested in practicing softball. No charge. Bring your own glove and cleats.

Some Softball Camp days may have a special focus (batting, pitching, fielding, throwing, base running). The form below will ask you if there is something in particular you’d like to work on. Depending on turnout, participants may be divided into groups according to experience level.

Softball Camp is hosted and run by volunteer experienced players from various teams in our league. If you would like to help, please let us know!

Questions? Write

Softball Camp info:

Please refer to the Calendar for dates, times, and locations.

Please see Field & Event Locations at left for directions.

To register for Softball Camp, please complete the form below.


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*Team Manager Information (3/2022)

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This section is to be used to provide Team Managers with useful information. If you have suggestions for content please email To register a team:

Player Requirements

For a participant to be considered a legal player, three things need to happen.

Team manager notifies the league that a particular player is rostered to her team. This can be done during the initial team registration. Changes (additions/deletions) to the team roster should be emailed to the league at
Player must complete and submit an online Participant Waiver prior to any activity with the team.
Player must manually complete and sign a venue roster at the field prior to play.


Participant Waiver:
The Participant Waiver is required for players rostered to a team. The online Participant Waiver (PW) is available on the website or by request to the league Secretary. Rostered players may access the Participant Waiver by clicking on the “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER USING THE ON-LINE WAIVER” link . Submitted waivers are automatically stored and are date- and time-stamped. 

A participant may only be rostered to one team and thereby submit only one active waiver per season. If the player’s team affiliation changes, a new waiver is required. The most current waiver will be considered active.

Separate waivers are required for participation in any of the other sponsored events. Submission of a PW does not waive, change, or modify the requirement of individual online registration for other events.

Sign-up days (Waiver):
Players looking for a team to join may participate in a Sign-up Day and separate online registration/waiver is required for each Sign-up Day attended. The Sign-up Day Registration form can be found by clicking on “New to SJWSL? Join a Team Here.” Submission of the Rostered Player Waiver noted above is not required for Sign-up Day participation. (The PW is completed once rostered to a team.)

Softball Camp Day Registration (Waiver):
Softball Camp Days are open to any interested female, 18 years or older. Participation by players in the league is highly encouraged. A separate online registration/waiver is required for each Softball Camp Day attended. Softball Camp Day. Registration can be found by clicking on the “Softball Camp Day” link. Submission of the Rostered Player Waiver noted above is not required for Softball Camp Day participation.

This is created from the online waiver form.  It is good for the calendar year.  If any information changes (different team, contact #, etc.) a new form must be filled out prior to the first game you play (insurance reasons). This roster is used to verify league Participant Waivers on file.

As a volunteer-run league your assistance is needed to encourage your players to sign up early. The main venues for team volunteers are Play Days, Give Softball a Try Days, fundraisers, and other league events. Only participants who volunteer in advance and are confirmed by the activity coordinator will receive team credit for their service.

Online pre-registration for volunteers is required. Volunteers will need to submit a separate registration form for each event where they are volunteering. Online registration is available at the Volunteer Here link.

Once the season’s teams registrations are confirmed, team managers will be given access to see who has volunteered for each event and how many volunteer hours their team has accumulated. 

Team Registration:


What is a “Sign up Day”? 

It is a relaxed venue in which to meet league staff and players and practice softball in a casual, fun environment. 

Individual players seeking a team must attend a Sign Up Day in order to get placed on a team. It’s free to attend. You can attend as many days as you wish; however, online registration is required for each day attended. See below.

If Sign Up Days are not yet scheduled for the season you wish to play, please email or call (408) 800-2425. 

Sign Up Days usually last about 2 hours. If you have non-metal cleats and a glove, bring them along with your checkbook/cash/credit card (with which to make your “good faith/highly interested in playing” $80 deposit) and plenty of water/sports drinks. Wear comfortable clothes. Please show up 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. DO NOT BE LATE or you will miss valuable stretching and warm-up time.
Don’t’ stress, Sign Up Days are NOT “tryouts!” We just want to meet you and get to know you, so we can better match you a team, which makes for more happy people. So far we have been able to place all players who were serious about being placed on a team.   

Dogs are welcome but MUST be on a leash. You must be 18 years or older to play.

Please check the calendar for dates, times, and locations.

IF you would like to sign-up for one or more of these sessions, please click on the link below and fill out the form. We NEVER share personal information.


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Corporate Info

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This league was incorporated in 2004 in the state of California as a public benefit, non-member, 501©4 Social Welfare organization #20-1857327.

It is a nonprofit but it is not a charity. Contributions are not tax deductible but can be written off as an advertising/business expense, when applicable.

The league’s official, incorporated name is the San Jose Women’s Softball League.

It also owns the name “Savoy Women’s Softball League.”

For a current list of board members, see the “Board & Officers” link.

The most current bylaws are available under “Documents & Forms.”

If you have questions, you may email or call 408-800-2425 and leave a message.