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Essays in English advanced level

Posted by Alison Carter at May 29, 2021 5:30AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

An essay is a written form in English that can be found both on the entrance exam and in the subsequent stages of linguistic education, that is, study, and upon obtaining language certificates.
In order to write a good essay, you need to have the required level of knowledge of the English language. But even with good knowledge, it is not always possible to write an essay on your own, in such cases I pay someone to write my paper.
Essay in English – opinion, pros and cons, problem solving, discursive essay
There are four types of essays:
the one in which we express our opinion (essay opinion),
reasoned essay (for and against essays),
an essay in which we offer a solution to a problem (essay with solutions to problems),
discursive essay.
The first two types are very common in the matriculation exam, and the rules for their writing do not differ much even at higher levels of language education (with the exception of the increased word limit and the requirement to use more complex grammatical structures). You can read about them here.
We will look at two other types of theses. The essay in which we propose solutions to a problem aims to present our suggestions for a specific problem. It is important to note that we are not limited to providing only possible solutions, but also the expected results.
The work consists of three parts – introduction, development and completion. In the introduction, we present the problem along with information on why it occurred. During the development process, we present possible solutions to this problem, and at the end we summarize our opinion.
Another type of essay is discourse. This is a very interesting form in which we restrict ourselves to the presentation of various aspects of the problem under discussion, without expressing our opinion on it. It is the reader who, on the basis of our work, should take a position on the described issue.
The introduction will be used to introduce the topic of the presentation, develop it to outline various aspects of the problem, and also to counter arguments, that is, opposing views – similar to arguments for and against a dissertation. The ending is the perfect place to comment on a problem at work. If desired, we can also express our opinion in this section.
At this stage of learning English, we are required to have more complex thoughts and vocabulary. It is important these days not to put forward obvious and overused ideas, so we are talking about non-obvious aspects. For example, in an essay on environmental pollution, let’s try to avoid expressions like “Pollution” has been a big problem for many years. We make a much better impression, for example, because Little realized how harmful pollution can be to the economy.
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