What is Nanotechnology?

Posted by techies mz on Mar 17 2021 at 04:10AM PDT

Nanotechnology is the education and development of structures on a nanometric scale. “Nano” is a prefix of the International System of Units that comes from the Greek νάνος, this means that dwarf, and corresponds to a factor 10 ^ -9.

It is carried out to the period gadgets, which corresponds to one billionth of a meter (10 ^ -9 Meters), 1 Nanometer.

On this scale, new properties and phenomena observe, ruled by using Quantum Mechanics’ laws. These specific residences are scientists take advantage of to create new substances ( nanomaterials ) or nanotechnological devices.

Nano-technology guarantees solutions to multiple troubles that humanity currently faces, consisting of environmental, power, health (nanomedicine), and plenty of others. However, those new technologies can result in risks and risks if they may be misused.
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