Top Ways to Brainstorming Ideas for Your Essay

Essay prewriting is an important part of your essay process. Get this process wrong or skip this process, and you are going into the writing part of the write my essay with no idea about the hierarchy of the information regarding the subject. Most importantly you won’t be able to come up with novel ideas, especially after conducting the research into the topic, as it is easier to think of already stated ideas as your own when writing the essay— leading to plagiarism at times. 

You can ask an essay writer to help me write my essay but you will have to brainstorm the ideas yourself. There are many techniques for you to use to brainstorm, depending on the amount of time you have, the complexity and the type of topic, and the specific essay process.

The importance of brainstorming

People tend to ignore brainstorming and move directly into the writing process. Beginners and those not practiced in essay writing tend to think that they will come up with ideas as they write. The outcome of this is an incoherent and badly structured essay, that touches only the surface and communicates ideas already considered common.

Brainstorming allows you to write down your ideas onto a paper or on the screen. Giving your thoughts a spatial representation allows you to see the informational hierarchy and notice the relationships between the components of the subject. This will help you later to not only classify the subject components but also help you organize the information in your essay.

Another reason for brainstorming the subject is that it allows the writer to come up with your own ideas and analysis. WIthout brainstorming you will go into the research with an empty mind, and end up only restating the ideas and points raised by others. This will not only make your essay shallow but it will also cause you to help write my essay and unintentionally commit plagiarism, thinking someone else’s idea as your own.

Different brainstorming techniques


Mind Mapping allows your thought to be presented in the form of a web. This places your subject in the middle and its related parts branches out from it. This presents a spatial representation of the informational hierarchy and also allows you to note the salient point surrounding the subject. 

Mind Mapping also allows you to see if the relationship between the sub-parts within a branch and across different branches. 


You start listing the subject by putting the main subject at the top. You then divide it into subparts and can add side notes to them as you go diving each part further in the form of vertical lists. 

Each main part of the subject can have its own list and you can expand it to show the informational hierarchy. 


Journaling is a long term brainstorming process. For lengthy essays, it is important that you collect information and come up with ideas over time, not just when you are sitting to write my essay help. Journaling allows your passive thinking to come into play. You jot down any idea that might pop out of somewhere in the middle of something or when you are thinking about the subject on and off. This will make sure that you don’t forget the idea, and you will have plenty of interesting things to add to the essay when you start writing.


In this process, you start writing on the subject at hand in timed sessions. You write down each passing thought during this timed writing activity, even the random thoughts, even if it’s not related to the topic. Through several sessions, you will realize once you read the writings that you have come up with and help with my essay and arguments for your writing, especially in the later writings.

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