How to Write Effective Narrative Essays

The narrative legit essay writing service combines the essay formal structure with creative writing. The narrative essay allows you to demonstrate your creative writing abilities. The essay usually follows a chronological order and may or may not be about a story from your own past experiences. 

Not every essay writer is adept at creative writing, many feel uncomfortable talking about their experiences, and some lack the creative writing skills. You may find these students taking to help complete their narrative essays. 

However, you should not be reluctant to write the narrative essay, as it is like a short story with and even follows a story arch. 

Take inspiration from famous essay writers and essays

If you want a cheap essay writing service that uses creative writing at its best then you should read the following essays:

  • Once more to the Lake by E.B. White
  •  Fail Better by Zadie Smith
  • My Misspent Youth by Megan Daum
  • Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell
  • Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace

Many great novelists, politicians, orators, and philosophers have written impactful essays that have been read by millions. These will give you lessons that will remain with you for life, while also letting you observe the craft of writing.

The structure of the narrative essay

The narrative essay is structured with an introduction introducing the story and the thesis and a conclusion to conclude the research paper topics and reiterate the thesis. 

The story that you write usually follows a story arch and this arch structures your story and the body paragraphs. You will find every piece of story or literature following some sort of story arch. The story arch has three main parts:

  • Problem: the incident or an event where you start your story is usually a problem that you need to overcome.
  • Rising Action: the rising action is the sequence of the story where most of the action is taking place. This is where the characters deal with the problem.
  • Climax: Climax is the point of no return. This is usually the part of the story where the character of the story has to make a decision. 
  • Falling Action: The character comes on top of the situation or succumbs to it. Either way, the action starts to wind down. 
  • Resolution: The resolution is what comes out of the story. The conclusion the readers derive from it.

What goes into the narrative essay

The narrative essay should be written like a short story. You should provide the readers with vivid scenes and imagery for them to understand the plot. Describe the characters in the story as best as you can in order for the readers to picture them and move with them through the story.

Make sure to touch each of the five senses and don’t passively describe the scene or an event but use an active voice that interacts with the surroundings and takes the story forward.

Instead of telling the reader what happened, try to make your character show you. This is done using dialogue and conversations that happen between the different characters of the story.

Try to write the thesis statement, at last, that is because. you tend to realize fully after finishing the story, what your story demonstrates, or communicates to the reader either in the form of a moral or a conclusion. Try to incorporate this conclusion in the thesis statement, as something that you want to words counter for essays and show the reader through your story.

The conclusion should be a brief overview of the events of the story ending with the restated thesis, bringing your story to a full circle.


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