Parts of the Essay Writing process

Essays have always been part of the academics, so much that in order to write my essay good in your overall grades you have to perform well in your academic essay. The essay process keeps changing as you go higher in your academic years. You will notice that the more advanced in your essay you become the more you will be able to stray out of the conventional style and structure.

Many writers, stuck in their old ways, can’t help but ask other writers’ assistance., they might ask their fellow peers or other essay writers. 

These writers who end up taking help need to write my essay for me to analyze their essay writing process and make changes to it. When writing an essay, you should schedule each of your tasks and plan them before diving into them. Here we will take a look at the writing process that fits your higher academic purposes. 


Scrutinizing the essay prompt

The first task for your writing is to understand the prompt properly. The essay should be scrutinized and you should derive from it:

  • What type of academic writing do you need to produce?
  • What your argument should be?
  • The subject matter and its context

Brainstorm Session

You should brainstorm for your ideas before going into any research. This will help you come up with original ideas. You can use one of many brainstorming techniques, such as mind mapping, listing, journaling, 

Research and Notetaking

Advanced paper writing service online requires you to look for information in scholarly sources. Make sure to use online databases to narrow down your research. After you get the relevant research, you can take notes of the information. 


You will use your research and brainstorming notes to make an essay outline to guide you in the writing process. 



Know your main arguments and ideas and try to allow them to occur in various paragraphs. Make sure that the paragraphs are uniform and coherent. Its length shouldn’t exceed more than half a page.

Presenting the evidence

The evidence is there to support your arguments or ideas. When using this evidence make sure you cite the source while also paraphrase the text when possible, rather than quoting on and off.


Make sure you keep track of the references and the citations. Taking help from reference management software is useful. 

Post writing

It’s best to wait between the writing process and the post writing process. This will help you defamiliarize yourself with your writing, such that you will be able to catch more errors and find out more ways to improve your custom essay writer, style, and structure.


The review process is where you look at the structural and style corrections. This is where you look for the unity in the paragraph, see if the arguments are correct, and check if the information transitions smoothly. 


The editing phase focuses on sentence-level style and structure. Here you will check for the sentence variety, the presence of active voice, the choice of words, and signposting and transitioning between the sentences. 


Proofreading is the process where you want to get rid of the errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Reading the essay from back to front, changing the medium of the essay, and online editors will help you in the process. 


Lastly, you should always use the feedback that your instructor gives upon your essay to improve your writing next time around. You should discuss the essay with the instructor in person, or you can ask the instructor to give you feedback if you haven’t received one.

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