8 Things to Keep in Mind when Writing Essays

Essay writing is an important part of your school education. It prepares the students to write my essay, improve their research methodology, and think critically and analytically. By the time you are in high school, you must have mastered the 5-paragraph essay, along with all the essays in all of the essay types. 

The only reason the essay writer is prompted to write a different type of essay is to train you in different types of analysis and argumentations that will be used as part of every other writing in higher education. 

Read the assignment carefully

Don’t take a cursory look over the essay writing service prompt, try to scrutinize the prompt, understand, and keep in mind the task word when and decide what academic writing you are expected to write. Many advanced essays have the essay divided into various parts, with each one contributing to part of the essay.

Don’t keep to the 5-paragraph essay

The 5-paragraph essay is there to assist the students to think critically and analytically. It allows you the freedom to concentrate on one type of academic writing while not concerning themselves that much with the paragraph structure. However, as you move into advanced essay writing you have to break free of the 5 paragraph assisted essays, and structure your essay according to the ideas, arguments, and the information. 

Come up with your main thesis

The main thesis of the essay should be noted down earlier in the essay, as it keep s your writing and ideas to the point. Take the thesis statement as your north star to guide you through the essays. 

Get to the draft as soon as you can

Perfecting the essays as you write them is always a bad strategy. It will take a lot of your time and despite that, you will end up with a flawed essay at the end. Get to the draft of the essay as early as possible, so you can start the diting process. The editing will help you see the bigger picture and will help you to do my paper and correct the various mistakes in structure and style. 

Know when to paraphrase and when to quote

Academic essays take information and evidence from scholarly sources. You have to use the information form these sources to support and back your ideas and points. You can either quote the text or paraphrase it. In both cases, you will have to cite and reference the source. 

Know that when paraphrasing a text or information makes the information lose its message or significance, then you should stick to the original quote, however, if the information can be interpreted and communicated in your own words then you should paraphrase it. Paraphrasing shows your effort and is appreciated by the reader, as littering the essay with someone else’s quotes can make a bad effect upon the reader. 

Take care of paragraph unity and coherence

No matter how many paragraphs you divide your main body in, the paragraphs should always be coherent within and in between each other. Each paragraph should be a uniform and complete thought.

Active voice

Always use the subject of the sentence first to write my paper for me and keep the sentence active. The active voice brings more energy to the action and the sentences sound much clearer. Try to avoid t-be verbs such as is, are, be, being, etc.

Use rhetorical approach

In arguments, you should always make sure that you have authority on the subject, that you follow logical reasoning, and appeal to the reader’s emotions. The arguments will be presented thus using: scholarly sources and logical deductions.

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