Step by Step Guide to Discursive Essay Writing

Posted by Charles Jeffords on Sep 24 2020 at 12:35AM PDT

Academic writing seems to be a daunting affair for several students. Notably, the students at the early stage of writing struggle a lot to compile a handy essay. Undoubtedly, academic writing is not as easy as ABC. When it comes to writing a discursive narrative essay, students become nervous.

Writing a discursive essay is a challenging task for students. They have to fight tooth and nail in doing so. It is notable that if a student’s concept is not clear regarding any essay, he will probably stick in the middle while compiling a comprehensive essay.



Concept of discursive essay writing

  • Firstly, understanding the concept of a discursive essay is mandatory. Otherwise, it is not possible to mark down a stunning essay.
  • A discursive essay is a genre of academic writing that requires a scribbler to present both sides of an argument. Moreover, it is the utmost responsibility of an essay writer to present both sides of the essay. A scribbler should put forward both sides of the subject in an unbiased way.
  • This essay gives the liberty to a writer to give their opinions regarding a topic. However, they are not allowed to put forward their emotions and feelings related to the topic.
  • How to compose a discursive essay?
  • As now your concept is clear about a discursive essay, let’s discuss step by step guide to writing a presentable discursive essay.


It is a process that urges students to think critically about the topic. It helps in developing a better understanding of the assigned topic. Once you commence analyzing the topic in-depth, you understand the topic vividly.

It assists a writer to think in the right direction about the topic. Students often make a common mistake in discursive essays of putting pen to paper without analyzing the topic critically.

It helps in provoking thoughts related to the topic. However, at this stage, a large number of ideas emerge in the brain of students. Organizing those thoughts and presenting them in a well-managed way is done in the section of the outline.


Making a creative and compelling outline helps in writing eye-catching content in the exemplification essay. Its primary watchword is providing the complete roadmap to the readers about the text they are about to read.


  • You’re now all set to put pen to paper. Undoubtedly, understanding the concept of a discursive essay is easy, but composing this essay is always challenging. The introduction section is the first component of the essay structure. Structuring an essay helps in putting the right information in the right place. In short, it helps in organizing the text of the essay.
  • In a discursive essay, a student often thinks about how to write my essay uniquely and impressively. In this regard, firstly, you have to mention a surprisingly amazing fact to allure the readers.
  • Secondly, define the topic or mention the reason for writing this essay. Thirdly, write an intriguing thesis statement. In this essay, you can write it by putting forward an argument, or your opinion in support of your idea about the topic.

Main Body

Remember, there is no space of emotions and feelings. So, avoid inscribing feelings regarding the topic. If you’re writing in favor of the topic, you have to present supporting examples, legitimate pieces of evidence and raise arguments to support your idea.


In the concluding remarks, restate the thesis statement. Remember, in the discursive essay; the conclusion may vary according to the topic and your opinion. So, it depends on the thesis statement that states your viewpoint regarding a particular topic. If this guide somehow doesn’t clear all your queries to write a discursive essay then you can always go for an essay writing service help and get your paper completed.

Concluding remarks must be precise and up to the mark. Mostly, students summarize the conclusion inappropriately that ruins the writing efforts of the students.




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