Travel Kit: Travelling with your ESA Dog

Posted by Harry Bacon on Sep 07 2020 at 03:43AM PDT

Travelling with your ESA for the first time? Where travelling with your dog or cat could be the best and the most fun filled adventure of your life. But it can easily turn into a nightmare if you do not do proper and complete planning beforehand.


The foremost thing to put into your bag immediately is your animal’s ESA letter and we are sure that you did your homework before getting it. One of the key things to do before getting the letter is to have a look at an ESA letter sample before settling with one.


Back to our pet or ESA parent travel guidelines, following are the things that you must add into your ESA’s travel kit but dont forget to apply foran esa letter for housing


1. Water Bottles

Water is life and when you are travelling with your beloved canine then you need to have this ‘life’ a little more than usual. Pack some extra water bottles plus a spill-proof bowl to make sure that your dog is not left thirsty.

In case you are travelling through the plane, keep a refillable plastic bottle to use once you are in the plane but you will be need to apply for emotional support letter to fly on plane with your ESAs


2. Enough Pet Food

Since the trend of having pets and ESAs has significantly increased, chances are that you can find most of the dog food easily. However, to be on the safe side, pack some extra dog food to last the entire vacation.



3. Blankets and Bedding

Like us, many animals also have difficulties adjusting to a new place and, especially, sleeping in a new and unknown bed. Therefore, to make it comfortable for them, pack as much of their bedding and covers as possible. For your ESA cat, pack its litter box also.

Pack Coco’s food and water bowls and keep all of its favorite food and treats to keep it happy during the entire vacation whereas, the support animal letter can be availed by applying at ESA website


4. A Pair of Collar and Leash – Plus an Extra Pair

A pair of leash and collar is a must if you do not want your dog run wild all over the place. To be extra careful, keep an additional pair also, in case one of it is broken or lost. If you are going to a somewhat colder place then pack a pair of its jacket also.


5. Dog or Cat Toys

This is very, VERY, important to keep your ESA engaged and happy. When on vacation, you will need to have time for yourself also and to give your animal a happy distraction, their favorite toys are a must. Pack their favorite stuffed toys like balls to make sure that they are well taken care of. However the emotional support dog certification is must while travelling with your ESA 


6. Your ESA’s First Aid Kit

After all the toys and other supplies, carrying your animal’s first aid kit is important to avoid any unlikely accidents. Keep your animal’s veterinary certificate, vaccination records and the medicine that it usually takes, in the box. Still, if your pup feels unwell, try to find a veterinary doctor nearby to have an opinion.


Travelling with your dog could be an extremely exciting and memorable experience for you, especially if you are travelling by roads. Therefore, to make sure that it does not end up in any ‘doggie’ emergency, go well prepared and enjoy.


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