2021-06-14T20:42:12.000-07:00June 14 2021, at 08:42 PM PDT, Liz Adkins said:

Hi Swim Team 10 and Under Families!!! Please have your swimmer to the pool by 4:45 pm tomorrow for the meet! Warm-ups will begin at 5 pm. Please let me know if you have any questions!!! Go Barracudas!

2021-06-07T14:40:50.000-07:00June 07 2021, at 02:40 PM PDT, Summer pinney said:

Did the meet sign up for the 10 and under get sent?

2021-06-07T04:08:49.000-07:00June 07 2021, at 04:08 AM PDT, Liz Adkins said:

There were no concession donation sign ups this year. It will be back next year. We will have drinks and prepackaged candy & snacks at the home meets. Each teams are running this differently and may not have many items.

2021-06-07T03:35:32.000-07:00June 07 2021, at 03:35 AM PDT, Susan Zambo said:

Was there a sign up to donate concession stand items?

2021-06-06T10:46:03.000-07:00June 06 2021, at 10:46 AM PDT, Liz Adkins said:

If someone is not receiving email notifications or would like to be added to the swim communication list please email us at and we will get them added. Thanks.

2021-06-04T20:19:31.000-07:00June 04 2021, at 08:19 PM PDT, Liz Adkins said:

Hi Biljana, Thank you for the question, and it's timely. Tomorrow you will receive an email/Google form to set the attending status for your child for the meet on Tuesday. You will receive another form on Monday for the Thursday meet. This allows our coaches to set an accurate swim lineup for the meets. Thank you again for this question.

2021-06-04T20:09:14.000-07:00June 04 2021, at 08:09 PM PDT, Biljana Heipp said:

How and who do we notify if our child will miss a swim meet?

2021-05-31T08:46:10.000-07:00May 31 2021, at 08:46 AM PDT, Liz Adkins said:

Yes, because there will be no restrictions starting June 2, families will be able to attend.

2021-05-31T06:08:22.000-07:00May 31 2021, at 06:08 AM PDT, Katie Hullibarger said:

Will family be allowed to come watch the swim meets?