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*Umpire Feedback Form

Posted by Sandie Day at Feb 8, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Please use the following online form to submit any feedback to the board regarding our Umpires. Please remember this mechanism is for feedback only and not to address specific issues or disputes.


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About Volunteering

Posted by Heather Knisely at Feb 8, 2011 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )


As a volunteer-run league, your participation is critical to our continued success. In fact, each team manager agrees to encourage participation throughout the year. During the year, team volunteers will help at events such as Play Days, Sign-Up Days, league parties, etc. The hours volunteers accrue are tallied at the end of the year and the teams and individuals with the highest number of volunteer hours are recognized.

The most common way to earn volunteer hours for your team is by volunteering to assist at Play Days, Sign-Up Days, and other league events.

All volunteers must be confirmed in advance for an event. Walk-in volunteers will generally not receive team credit for their effot. 

Please check the league calendar to find out more information about upcoming events.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities or team tally, contact your Vice-Commissioner or write to

TO VOLUNTEER FOR AN EVENT, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM on PAGE 2. You must submit one form for each event for which you are volunteering. The event coordinator will contact you prior to the event to confirm your attendance and to provide further details and instructions. 

Thank you again for all your help!!!

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2010 Upcoming Board Elections

Posted by Sandie Day at Jul 29, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

ELECTION TIME HAS COME...and here your vote really counts!!!!


The Advisory Election is scheduled for August 9, 2010 at the field where you play. Each rostered participant has one anonymous vote. In the event that there is only one candidate, then the participant should vote whether they have Confidence (by circling Y or N) that the uncontested candidate can fulfill the role for which they are nominated. Participants will also be able to write in candiddate of her choice for each open position.

An Advisory Election serves to advise the Baord in its choice of officers. The final election will be held during the Board meeting on August 11, 2010.

If your team has a bye on August 9th, please coordinate with the election officer, Franny L., to ensure your team votes are counted.

For desciptions of each position, see the League Documents.


Commissioner (2 years) - Danny Gilmore, SJ SLIDE/Bad News Babes, incumbent

Secretary (2 years)  - Sandie Day, Bad News Babes, incumbent

Vice-Commissioner C-Division (1 year) - Jennifer Bradley, Who's On First, new candidate

Vice-Commissioner D-Division (1 year) - Nik Lazetera, U-Haul/Hit & Run, new candidate

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PayPal Payments

Posted by Sandie Day at Mar 7, 2010 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

SJWSL accepts PayPal payments for team registration, individuals from Sign Up Days, and league events. To be considered an ON-TIME payment, your payment must be processed and accepted on or before the advertised due date.

If you are using the app on your phone:

  1. select "send money"
  2. enter the email, 
  3. enter the amount and click on "next"
  4. click on type and select "sending to friends and family" or "feinds" or "gift" - do not select "goods and services".  We are trying to avoid any either of us paying fess. 
  5. Send money

If you are using the website:

  1. Go to and log in with your PayPal account, or create a PayPal account.
  2. Copy and paste this email address as the recipient of your payment:
  3. Enter the amount, and put the league season or event name in the Notes section.
  4. Make sure you leave the default "Send Money to Friends." (DO NOT select Pay for Goods and Services.)
  5. Select your source of funds, and click "Send Money Now."
  6. You will get an email confirmation, and one will be sent to the account.

If you have questions or problems, email Thank you for your participation in San Jose Women's Softball League!

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BOARD ELECTIONS Advisory Vote August 11, 2008

Posted by Sandie Day at Aug 4, 2008 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The SJWSL Board Advisory Election is scheduled for Monday, August 11th.

 Nominations have closed. Following is your roster of candidates and campaign statements:

Commissioner: Danny Gilmore -  SJSlide (Incumbent)


Hi Everyone! My name is Danny, and I am one of the founding members of this League!  Way back in 2002, Tori Eakes and I with a determined group of women decided that San Jose needed a "League of Their Own" -- and through a lot of hard TEAM work, we got it started.  I have been on the board since the very beginning, and have put in several hundreds of hours of volunteering; I have held the position of Vice Commissioner of the “C” Division for four out of six of our years in existence. I have attended meetings, as well as chairing and running several fundraising events, running Play Days and Clinics, and coaching new teams to help this League grow because I care very deeply for our League.  I stepped in and assumed the interim role of Commissioner when our League needed one, and I would like to continue as your Commissioner.  I feel this last year has been a very successful one, with many changes and much growth.  I truly believe in you and this League and I would love to be able to keep serving you. Sincerely,

Vice-Commissioner C-Division: Dawn Whelan -  Who's on First (Incumbent)


Hi my name is Dawn W., from the team of WOF.
I am running for VC of C Division. I have been in this spot since the beginning of the year. I have certainly learned a lot more about the league in this position but the most important thing I have learned is to listen to all of you and be "YOUR" voice for our division and league. I feel things have changed for the better and we can only continue in that direction. I would be honored to stay in this roll.  Please vote for me.
Dawn W

Vice-Commissioner D-Division: Carina Roque  - Stray Cats


Hello all voters. My name is Carina. I have been a member of the league since it started in 2003. I have been on the team Stray Cats. We have been in last place as well as first and places in between. I have found that the league a great place for friendship, learning, and fun. An opportunity has come up and I think I am up for the job. I would like you to vote for me for Vice-Commissioner of D-Division since I have been a part of the league and all the ups and downs of the D division, I can provide what I have noticed, learned, insight (maybe) and serve you to the best of my ability. I want to continue the league's history of respect, camaraderie, and fun. Thanks for your vote.

Treasurer: Cathy Jamieson  -  Killer Goldfish (Acting Incumbent)


Please vote for me for Treasurer. I'm organized, frugal, & dedicated to keeping our League fees low. Anyhow, no one else wants the job. Thanks for your support & enjoy the rest of summer season! Thanks! Cathy.

 Secretary: Sandie Day  -  (Incumbent)


Hi all,My name is Sandie Day and I'm running for SJWSL League Secretary. I have been a part of this league since the summer of 2004 when I started with the Groundbreakers. I have managed teams (O and Ball Busters) in the D-Division and have been on the board since spring 2005. I was elected Secretary in 2006.  Many of you may have noticed my marked absence last year as I was getting through a little cancer, but I am back better than ever. I love this league and the opportunities it has given me to meet new friends and play in a great atmosphere. I would love your vote and I welcome your suggestions always. Game On!

 Thanks, Sandie



The vote will take place at your field on the night of August 11. Each currently rostered player who is present at the field will have one vote. No absentee ballots are accepted. Teams with a bye for August 11 will be contacted by August 4 for special voting arrangements.

This year to allow for more active participation, ballots combining the advisory election, the all-star vote and ASANA survey will be emailed to players by August 4. Players may complete the ballots at home and bring a completed ballot with them to the field. But remember, all submitted ballots must equal the number of players on the team's lineup card. More information on candidates will be posted to this page shortly.

If you have questions about the election, please contact