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Here are the important dates for Spring 2020!

Last day to sign up 1/27/20

Evaluations for Rookie and Minors 1/28/20

Evaluations for Majors and Babe Ruth 1/29/20

Draft (coaches only) 1/30/20

Coaches meeting 2/15/20 1pm

Practices begin week of 2/3/20

Opening night 2/21/20 6pm

First home games 2/22/20

All registrations must be done online at



If you register by 1/15/20 you will receive one of the cup/sticker bundle with a paid registration (one bundle per player registration).

Here is the link for the registration


We would like to recognize our Marlin Family Veterans.

We would like to recognize our Marlin Family Veterans.

Brent Ferguson US Army (Addison Ferguson & Tyler Roberts)
Bill Snyder USAF (Xander Snyder)
Brendan Roberts US Army (Addison Ferguson & Tyler Roberts)
Paula Ferguson USAF (Addison Ferguson & Tyler Roberts)
Kendall Ferguson US Navy (Addison Ferguson & Tyler Roberts)
Jason Roberts US Army (Tyler Roberts)
Richard Galiana USAF (Rylan Radanof)
Lewis Davis US Army (Rylan Radanof)
Michael Allen USMC (Aydeb Doucette & Asher Allen)
Robert Radanof USAF (Rylan Radanof)
Ryan Radnof USAF (Rylan Radanof)
Leo Gilbert US Army (Sean Pierce)
Dustin Diener US Army (Rylan Radanof)
William D Warren USMC (Jake Warren)
Robert F Warren USMC (Jake Warren)
Samatha Diener US Navy (Rylan Radanof)
George Jensen USAF (Tomm, Jack & Van Simmons)
Thomas Jensen US Army (Tomm, Jack & Van Simmons)
William Simmons US Navy (Tomm, Jack & Van Simmons)
Kasey Jensen US Army (Tomm, Jack & Van Simmons)
James Moore US Coast Guard (Rylan Radanof)
Wayne Snyder US Army (Xander Snyder)
Brian Harvey US Army (Xander Snyder)
Roger Snyder US Army (Xander Snyder)
Rick Snyder US Army (Xander Snyder)
Art Scoranavacca USMC (Dominick Scornavacca)

All away games at Jupiter are cancelled today 11/9/19.

All away games at Hobe Sound are cancelled due to weather. 11/9/19