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Wojo Fields Closed 4/5/19 due to weather

Wojo fields are closed due to weather 4/2/19

All fields are closed due to weather. All practices are cancelled.

Parents, players & Coaches,

This Saturday is our picture day at Wojo. If you have not received the picture envelope please swing by the concession stand and pick on up prior to picture time. Each player if purchasing pictures will need to carry their envelope with them and hand to the photographer all envelopes must be filled out with payment enclosed.

The times for pictures is listed below. Please have your players in full uniforms (game pants, jersey, hat and belt) prior to arrival. We will be moving down the list quickly so please arrive on time.

7:30am TBall Cardinals
7:45 am TBall Yankees
8:00 am TBall Royals
8:15 am TB Marlins
8:30 am Minors Astros
8:45 am Minors Marlins
9:00 am Coach Pitch Rangers
9:15 am Coach Pitch Mets
9:30 am Coach Pitch Braves
9:45 am Coach Pitch Marlins
10:00 am TBall Braves
10:15 am Minors Dodgers
10:30 am Babe Ruth Cubs
10:45 am Babe Ruth Cardinals
11:00 am Majors Red Sox
11:15 am Majors Cubs


All practices and game tonight at Wojo is cancelled due to the weather.