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If you finally decided to start your own personal website, but don’t have much money to buy web fast and reliable hosting?

Don’t worry, in this article; I am showing how you can use Cloudways Promo Codes to buy cheap, fast, and reliable web hosting for your website.

CloudWays web hosting is one of the best hosting service providers, that offer you various hosting plans within low prices. They give you the fast speed and protect your website from malware attacks. We will discuss CloudWays hosting and their service in detail later in the article.

So without wasting your precious time, let get started.

Cloudways Promo Code 2019

CloudWays hosting service provider, give their users some cloudways promo codes to get some discount when they are buying hosting from their site. Today, I am sharing some of the CloudWays hosting promo code with all of you. You can use these promo codes, to get some discount on any of their plans. These are some of the promo codes, I found after searching a lot on the internet. You can use these promo codes, to get some discount on their hosting package.

CloudWays Discount Hosting Period Promo Code

1: 15% OFF 3 Months Hosting HOSTWOO

2: 20% OFF 3 Months Hosting CLOUD20

3: 20% OFF 1st Hosting Invoice BLOGGINGSCOUT

4: 15% OFF 3 Months Hosting WP15

5: 25% OFF 3 Months Hosting Hello2019

1: How to use CloudWays Promo Code

Go to the CloudWays hosting site. Now next step is to create an account on it. Once you enter your email, password, and other details, now there you see an option Get a Promo Code. You need to enter their suitable promo code, then read and click on I agree to the term and condition of Cloud Ways hosting. Now the last step is to click on start free to create your account.

2: Verify your Cloudways Account
After creating your CloudWays account, you need to verify it. It needs your mobile phone number and address to activate your account. Just enter your number and address in the verification field, to verify your account.

3: Add Funding Information
Once you verify your account, you need to add a credit card to your account to get free credit. In order to do, go to the account and then select a credit card, and add a credit card to your account. CloudWays hosting service providers charge you 1$ for the authorization, but you don’t need to worry about this, they will give back your money in just 2-3 working days.

4: Check Your Free Credits
Once you fully upgraded your account, go the account, then funds and there you will see your free credit is added to your accounts. You can use these funds to get hosting and make your site live on the internet.

CloudWays Hosting Review:

CloudWays is also one of the top web hosting service providers with"their hosting package": . CloudWays give you the dedicated resources, which help you to improve your website speed and security. CloudWays hosting also has other technology like Varnish, PHP7, Memcached, etc. They give the automatic installation of WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Laravel, Koken, Thirty Bees, and Magento. They provide you the best hosting services, and their plan started from $10 (£7.69)/ month for the first year for basic Digital Ocean plan, which includes 1 GB Ram, 25 GB Storage, 1 Core, 1 TB Banwithch. Google and Amazon plan starts from $35 (£27).

1: All PHP apps supported
2: Free SSL certificate
3: Dedicated environment.
4: 1-Click backup & restore
5: Good speed and performance.

1: Different cPanel (But easy to use)

Type Of CloudWays Web Hosting:

CloudWays hosting service provides different types of managed hosting and packages to their customers. Some of their manages hosting and packages are given below:

1: Drupal Hosting
2: Joomla Hosting
3: PHP Hosting
4: WooCommerce Hosting
5: Magento Hosting
6: WordPress Hosting

Key Features of CloudWays Web Hosting:

CloudWays hosting is one of the best hosting providers as compared to other ones in speed and performance. They protect your website from virus attacks and also helps you to improve your website security and speed. Due to this, this web hosting has a lot of features, and some of their features are given below:

1: Easy To Setup
2: Reliable Hosting Provider
3: Free website migration
4: Best Speed Performance
5: 24/7 Support

Let discuss each one in detail…!

1: Easy To Setup:

Setting up your WordPress website on CloudWays web hosting is not a difficult task. You do not need any special skills to install it. CloudWays web hosting was very easy to use. You just need to select the proper configuration for your server and apps and just relax. CloudWays hosting does all the other important things for you.

2: Reliable Hosting Provider:

CloudWays hosting is a reliable hosting provider for a long time. Over hundreds and thousands of people are using CloudWays hosting from all over the world. You can also check their review on their website. If you still not the customer of CloudWays hosting, just select your suitable promo code and get started.

3: Free website migration:

CloudWays hosting provides you free website migration service. They help you to transfer your site from the previous hosting. If you get any problem in transferring your website, they provide you the best support and solve your problem within less time.

4: Best Speed Performance:

CloudWays Ways hosting provide you with high speed and performance. They have their own personal servers, which help you to make your website live every time. You did not get any website down issues. If you get any problem, you will contact through live chat, they will reply to you as soon as possible.

5: 24/7 Support:

CloudWay Hosting provides the 24/7 fast and dedicated support to its customers. You can contact the site ground via live chat, email ticket, and direct phone calls. In the end, CloudWay Hosting has the best customer support.

Final Words:
Now it’s your turn, which Cloudways Promo Code you are using for your website. You can use these promo codes to buy hosting at a discounted price. I hope this article was helpful for you, and if you get any information wrong in this article, then leave a comment below.I’ll help you out with any problems.