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Before watching “Gifted” I was afraid that it would be a movie from the McEmocje collection. Made from the recipe, packed with cheap tricks that grab the heart and professionally squeeze tears. It turned out that this is a rare case of a well thought-out, balanced and well-played history, everything has its cause and effect, each scene is needed and has its purpose. The film captivated me with its non-obviousness, leaves some unsatisfactory, but it is only a proof of how well it is told.

 Let’s start with the title – it’s probably the only case when the translation adds depth to the film. This ambiguity of the English language could bring this story to the story of an extremely talented girl and the ordinary plural gives the whole spectrum of possibilities and better reflects the meaning of the story. The whole story is packed with traps and potential clichés that, surprisingly, do not fall into. In addition to the story of genius in the child’s body, it could be a court drama with epic speeches, extracting filths and frenzy, it could also be a very weak romance, or a shallow family comedy, many threads could ruin the whole but luckily the whole construction is pretty good . The secret lies in the slow pace and the poker approach to card discovery. What is the movie about? In my opinion, about being a parent, about fighting for the good of the child. The film repeatedly poses the question of what this good is. At a time when our children have to be the best, the smartest, the best educated, it’s hard to understand the motivation of the main character who wants a normal childhood for his niece. Frank (Chris Evans) takes care of Mary (Mckenna Grace) at the request of her late sister. Very slowly, from the scraps of conversations we learn about the heroes’ past. The director (Marc Webb) does not take shortcuts, does not give us neat flashbacks that explain everything, speed up the action and add emotional charge. He orders us to stick the pieces together, build an image of the difficult relations between heroes. By adding another block, the viewer’s vision of what is good for Mary and he asks – “now who is right?”. Initially, it seems that Frank is a simple mechanic who surpasses home teaching, but there is nothing simple here. Mary turns out to be a mathematical genius about problem-making character.

Frank is not an ordinary mechanic and is not accidentally brought up by a niece in a provincial town, in a poor housing estate. Driven by guilt for not saving his sister, Frank devotes his entire life, abandons his career and status and focuses on the child. He does everything in his power to prevent Mary from repeating her mother’s tragic story. It does not involve any woman in order not to blur her responsibility.

It allows Mary’s mathematical talent to develop, but she struggles the most for her social skills, makes her empathic and understanding and does not exalt herself. He sees the future leader in it. Still, he is terrified that he may not be able to waste his potential or let her become an insensitive machine. What captivated me the most was the scene between Frank and Mary. When Frank, in a mature and yet witty way, explains Mary’s world, faith, joy, love or anger. Evans’ pair – Grace wonderfully builds family intimacy in these scenes, makes us smile or squeezes tears. It is worth paying attention to their acting. McKenna Grace unbelievably combined childlike innocence and carefree with the genius of genius, the viewer falls in love with her from the first scene. This girl’s acting maturity paralyzes, so it’s worth remembering her name. Evans creates an extremely real character, however, not devoid of beloved characters of the Marvelowski Captain – a hero with pure intentions and steadfast character. However, this is not a pristine, almost marble hero like Captain. Frank is at times careless, undamaged, annoyingly unpredictable and stubborn, which causes this unusual family problems, but also gives opportunities for wonderful moments (such as a scene in the hospital). This is not a standard, light, family movie on Sunday afternoon. It is unobvious, it eludes from the beaten paths and stays in the head for a long time. He poses difficult questions and makes you think. What surprises me constantly is the fact that such a gem flashed through the cinema almost unnoticed, and was not appreciated by critics.

Maybe the marketers did not provide adequate promotion, maybe viewers numbed with the serial pulp did not appreciate the wisdom of this film. It’s hard to say, but you can make a statement yourself by watching it. It’s just worth it !

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