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*Welcome to a website about Masters Curlers Championships of Canada! Shown is a 2016 event action poster.

Masters Curling was set up for 60+ Athletes in early 1980’s. For your information we are checking the Team Pages software and giving it a try. We are doing this so you can find information about Canadian Masters Curling Championships, past and upcoming. The long team goal is for all this information to be housed and cared for by curling’s mother organization, Curling Canada
Check the helpful links near the top of this page for more detailed informatio . thx for the visit.
Regarding The PICTURE Links .
We give noticeable credit and Thanks to the photo sites like Kelfaber-Smug Mug In Sask ., AMP- Alistiar Maitlin in the Yukon, The Webspiel folks and others for the support given to Masters Curling Championships . When you are looking to get some photo- work done , We ask you to please consider hiring and using great photographers like these folks ! Thanks for the community support .Nice and very nice. Thx for any continuation.
Check The winners document below to view an impressive list of Canadian Curling Champions !
Disclaimer Notice: this notice indicates to all views and viewers that no liability can be , or never will be, accepted by any or all volunteers who have contributed, or will contribute in any way to the contents displayed and described on any pages of this Masters site . Since day one, a note indicating this had been in place and visible on the Eteamz site and has now been added to to the Team Pages version.
To to the best of our knowledge, individual privacy guidelines alongside copyright guidelines 2008-2019 have been respected and followed using the Good Samaritan & Good Guy next door instincts that are needed and may be prevalent in volunteerism. So Masters Canada and its volunteers bear no responsibility for any loss or damage arising in any way from the use thereof. (ReNU ed June 4, 2019) End of Note.

Champions of Canada ( MASTERS) from year 2000 – 2019 are recognized – just click below

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