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Masters Curling Championships are for athletes who are 60+, and like the Brier, Scotties & Seniors and other Canadian Curling Championships, are hosted annually in provinces across Canada. . The great efforts of the host locations have been the key in developing successful Masters Curling Championships ! Running since 1987.

A BC Team ( Surrey CC) won the 1st Canadian Masters Championship Banner in Regina ( Western Canada) George Beaudry , Red Koehle, John Bowles, Bill Holland made History by becoming the first curlers to win the Canadian Masters Championship for 60 + plus Athletes . Master Curling Championships became a reality that continues to this day.

Next Up, 2020 Championships in New Brunswick, Riverside County Club Hosting
Chair Gail Saaman , Wayne Cooper Co-Chairs, , NB Executive Director Marg Maranda

1987-1999. All through out Western Canada, with East Canada’ running the Maritime Masters
2000 – B.C. Surrey – Valley CC
2001 – Manitoba – Fort Garry CC
2002 – Alberta – Medicine Hat CC
2003 – Saskatchewan – Assinaboia CC
2004 – British Columbia – Kelowna CC
2005 – Manitoba – Brandon – Riverview CC
2006 – Nova Scotia – Bridgewater CC
2007 – Ontario – Hamilton Glendale CC
2008 – British Columbia – Nanaimo CC
2009 – Saskatchewan – Saskatoon Nutana CC
2010 – New Brunswick – Thistle St Andrews CC
2011 – Manitoba – Winnipeg, Assiniboine Memorial CC
2012 – Quebec – Boucherville & Lambert CC’s
2013 – North Ontario – Thunder Bay- Prince Arthur CC
2014 – Alberta – Coaldale CC – Co Chairs John Ellsworth and Larry Taylor
2015 – Yukon – Whitehorse CC – Co Chairs Pat Banks and Elaine Sumner
2016 – Nova Scotia – Kentville CC & Wolfville CC’s – Co Chairs ,Tony Stirling & Kathy Sibbald Co Chairs
2017 – Ontario – Guelph – Co Chairs Rod Stork, Doug Goff, Co Chairs, Kathy Brown Manager
2018 – British Columbia – Surrey,Cloverdale CC & Whiterock, Peace Arch CC –
2018 – BC – Event Manager, Nigel Easton Co-Chairs Susan Martin (Cloverdale) & Darrell Zbeetnoff (Peace Arch).
2019 – Saskatchewan Nutana Curling Club , Co Chairs Kory Kohuch & Mike Gardner
2020 – New Brunswick, Riverside GCC & TSt Andrew St John, Gail Saaman & Wayne Cooper Co-Chairs, NB Exec-Marg Maranda
2021 – Manitoba, the actual host location TBD .
Masters Championships 2022 – 2023 & beyond -should follow the established Provincial rotation order seen above

Thanks Curling Clubs, Provinces and volunteers who host The Canadian Masters Championships each year.

Masters athletes( who are 60+) from all across Canada can qualify for the Canadian Masters National Championships by joining a curling club, entering “The Masters” and then winning their respective Provincial or Territorial Championships.


2020 Masters Championships Co-vide Cancelled for safety – Future TBD by Can and Prov Executives
AB men win Championship Gold, NOnt Silver !
SK women win 8-7 over BC for Championship Gold

Event STORY 2019 & Pic, on view at Curling Canada

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Champions of Canada ( MASTERS) from year 2000 – 2019 are recognized – just click below

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