Posted by Chris Ingram on Apr 23 2016 at 05:00PM PDT

Vista National Little League's
Home Run Hall of Fame

Here is a registry of players that have hit the ball out of the park!

2017 Spring Season



2/25- Reds: Kyle Rogers hit a walk off homerun against the VN Giants

3/4- Reds: Adrian Ghrer hit a homerun against the RBV Padres

3/4- Giants: Sal Huerta hit a 3 run shot against the RBV Giants



2/25- Dodgers: Aiden Oropeza hit 2 homeruns against VN Nationals.

2/25- Dodgers: Colin Olinger hit 1 homerun against VN Nationals

2/25- Nationals: Mitchell Saunders hit a homerun against VN Dodgers

3/2 Dodgers: Elijiah Wooley hit a homerun to centerfield against VN Braves

3/2  Nationals: Mathieu Ortega hit a homerun against the Padres  


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