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USUYS, why a name change? 
It has been requested that US Utah Youth Soccer, LLC (USUYS) change its name to avoid any confusion with Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA). To honor this request we have changed our name to US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC (USUCS).  Please note that our new web address is We have also opted not to use the "Dixie Invitational" name for our November tournament as SUSA has chosen not to use the Winter Showcase and once again resume a tournament in November. USUCS harbors no ill feelings for SUSA or UYSA scheduling a new tournament (Winter Showcase) or moving the Presidents Cup to the same weekend as the long standing Ice Breaker. USUCS feels multiple tournaments simply afford all teams the opportunity for winter play. USUCS November tournament is now called the "Harvest Cup". USUCS encourages teams to evaluate which tournaments best meet their needs and attend those tournaments.

Teams that would like to participate in the USUCS Harvest Cup, Ice Breaker and Avalanche Invitational at the 60 Acre Blue Grass Complex, please consider the following:

US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC is fully insured for each of its tournaments. This coverage extends as secondary  coverage for all participants, coaches, and referees. Player passes and other forms of identification of a players age and birthdate such as passports, drivers licenses are accepted and are used for identification purposes only. We value teams and coaches and thank you for your support of our tournaments!

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USSSA Player Registration

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The Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament is open to any participant ages U8-U19. 
The Ice Breaker allows unlimited guest players.
The Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament is Sanctioned by United States Speciality Sports Association (USSSA).

If a player or guest player is not currenlty registered with any organization such as US Youth or US Club Soccer they must register with USSSA to be eligible to participate.

Please click the link below to register and pay your $25 registration fee:

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US Club Soccer League Play

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US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC is committed to raising the level of play in Utah and believes in putting the power of play back into the hands of individual clubs and coaches by creating more flexibility, consistancy and fairness. US Utah Comp Soccer feels that US Club Soccer will meet this need. If you are interested in joining US Club Soccer National Organization for League Play that will also permit teams to compete in regional and national tournaments please fill in the short form below.    


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Potential Tournament Referees

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If you would like to referee for the Ice Breaker Soccer Tournament Please contact Sherrie Griffith
Phone: 801-916-8418


US Utah Comp Soccer, LLC is looking for good qualified referees to work throughout the year as referees for tournaments and league play.   If you are interested in joining us on a regular basis please fill out the short form below.  


Tournament referees will be paid for their services. Amounts paid will be based on experience and qualifications and event refereeing. The referee coordinator will work with you in determining your pay scale.

USUCS has rooms reserved for referees who are traveling to tournaments in St. George. USUCS will cover rooms for referees staying in tournament housing however you may be required to stay with 1-5 other referees.  Referee housing includes breakfast. Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided at the complex for all referees. 

The referee coordinator will contact you once we have received your online request to participate.

We look forward to having you join us for these exciting tournaments and future league play!