The Milligan Creek Mens Fastball League is Formed</a>

Posted by Scott Comfort on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT
The Milligan Creek Mens Fastball League had its first meeting April 25th, 2016.  This is the first mens league in the area since 1990.  We have 6 teams eager to offer recreation for young adults in the area.  The league not only offers a league for area men to play in but also offers high school aged kids an opportunity to play with a lack of minor softball leagues in the area.  The Wadena Wildcats and Fishing Lake Mariners are completely made up of 19 and under boys, in addition to some younger players on Wynyard and Foam Lake.  This league offers those boys a league to play in with a lack of minor softball in the area.  The only other option for those boys is to play against Bantam and Midget aged teams with the closest being PA, Saskatoon and Regina.  
Our league is consists of the Foam Lake Merchants, Fishing Lake Mariners, Fishing Lake Cubs, Wadena Wildcats, Rosebud Royals (Wadena), and Wynyard Blues.  
We are currently looking for sponsors for the league.  The sponsorship funds would help the league pay for umpires, balls, and insurance.   If you are interested in hearing more details about the opportunities you can contact Scott Comfort at  This league is set to start early in May and we realize this is a quick turnaround but given the urgency you may just end up with a good return on your investment.  



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