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8:15 AM - WARM UP
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IS THIS WHERE I SIGN UP FOR SWIM LESSONS? - Private or group swim lessons can only be scheduled through the Bret Harte Aquatic Center.  Call Katlyn at 209-736-8334 to schedule your lessons as soon as possible.  They fill up fast!
WHAT TYPE OF SUITS DO I NEED FOR SWIM - Girls should have a one piece of any color for practice and a black or purple one for meets.  Boys should have jammers or briefs of any color for practice and black or purple one for meets.
WHAT TYPE OF EQUIPMENT DO I NEED FOR SWIM - Goggles, swim cap, water bottle, fins and a couple towels. Short or long fins are acceptable. Go to to order in your athlete's shoe size.
WHAT TYPE OF SUITS/EQUIPMENT DO I NEED FOR WATER POLO/SPLASHBALL? - Suits are the same for water polo/splashball as for swim.  No goggles or caps for water polo. No other equipment necessary.
WHEN ARE THE SWIM MEETS? - Meet dates are still to be determined, but will be scheduled for Friday or Wednesday afternoons.  We will be swimming with Sonora again this year (date TBD).  We are still trying to coordinate with other teams to schedule more meets. 
DOES THE PRICE FOR EXTENDED OR SUMMER SESSION INCLUDE BOTH SPORTS? - Yes! The cost includes both sports, and the price is the same if only playing one sport.
IS THERE AN OPT-OUT FEE FOR VOLUNTEERING? - We are no longer requiring parents to volunteer or pay an opt-out fee.  However, please keep in mind that putting on a swim meet takes LOTS and LOTS of hands.  Shades need to be put up and taken down, chairs need to be set up, timers, recorders, and ribbon writers are a MUST to make a meet happen.  We have always had incredible, hard-working people help out in the past, so thanks to those returning and thanks to those who will be joining an awesome group of volunteers!
IF I PLAY CLUB WATER POLO (GOLD RUSH), CAN I SWIM IN THE MORNING PRACTICES? - Yes, the USA water polo club price includes swimming in the mornings June - August.  If you want to swim in May, you can pay the extended session price which will include swimming in May and USA Water Polo June - August.
SHOULD I PLAY USA WATER POLO (GOLD RUSH) OR REC WATER POLO? - If you are going to be 14 by December 1, 2017, you have a choice of USA Water Polo which is for just high school age kids for now OR you can play rec water polo in the mornings.  You do NOT have to have any experience to play at either level. With USA Water Polo, you can choose to compete in USAWP sanctioned games all over California.  At the recreation level, games are played within CCA.
BUT I HAVE NEVER PLAYED WATER POLO BEFORE! - Not a problem! Our coaches look forward to teaching you the basics of the game and beyond.  It's a great time to try it out to see if you like playing!
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2017 Practice Schedule

Please refer to our calendar for game dates, meet dates and special events 



May 1st- June 1st (Extended Session) 


All levels (ages 6-18) Mon - Thu 5:00-6:00 pm @ BHAC

-Recreational Water Polo/Splash Ball 

All levels (ages 6-18) Tue & Thu 5:00-6:00 pm @BHAC 


June 5th- July 27th (Summer Session)


Advanced (ages 11-18) Mon- Thu  7:30-9:00 am @BHAC 

Intermediate (ages 9-10)  Mon- Thu  10:30-11:30 am @BHAC

Beginner (ages 6-8) Mon- Thu 11:30-12:00 pm @BHAC

-Water Polo

Rec (ages 6 to 18) Mon- Thu 9:00-10:30 am @BHAC

USA Gold Rush Water Polo Mon & Wed 6:00-8:00 pm  @ CHS

(ages 14 by 12/1/17 to 18)  Mon, Wed 6:00-8:00 pm @CHS

Tue, Thu 6:30-8:30 pm @BHAC


July 31st-August 10th (Extended Session ends August 10th)


Advanced (ages 11-18) Mon- Thu 7:30-9:00 am @BHAC

Intermediate (ages 9-10) Mon- Thu 10:30-11:30 am @BHAC

Beginner (ages 6-8) Mon- Thu 11:30-12:00 am @BHAC

 -Water Polo

Rec Water Polo/Splash Ball Mon- Thu 9:00-10:30 am @BHAC

(ages 6-18) 

USA Gold Rush Water Polo Mon & Wed 6:00-8:00 pm @CHS

(ages 14 by 12/1/17 to 18)  Tue & Thu 6:30-8:30 pm @BHAC Friday 4:00-5:30 @BHAC

*BHAC - Bret Harte Aquatic Center

*CHS - Calaveras High School 

**Items needed for Swim - Black one piece suit for girls and jammers or swim briefs for boys for meets; one piece suits, jammers, or briefs of any color for practices; swim goggles and cap.


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   Join Team USA!
Being a member of USA Swim allows CCA swimmers to compete in USA Swim sanctioned meets all over California and nationally, if desired.  Swimmers of all levels, from beginners to Olympians, may and are encouraged to participate in USA Swim and at USA Swim sanctioned meets.
If your swimmer is interested in participating in USA Swim meets, please register your swimmer separately at the USA - Sierra Nevada Swimming website. For more information visit the USA Swimming or Sierra Nevada Swimming web sites. Additional information may be available by contacting CCA USA swim coordinator Jan Morton at
Scheduled team meets to date include:
MAY 27th Tiger Meet Stockton, CA
JUN 24th Lodi, CA
JUL 14-16 Swimming At Altitude Meet  South Lake Tahoe
USA Swimming Registration Information
In addition to registering with CCA for Summer or Extended sessions, swimmers must register with USA Swim - Sierra Nevada to compete in USA Swim sanctioned meets.  Calaveras County Aquatiks (CCAD) is a club member within Sierra Nevada Swimming which is within USA Swim.
Currently our club only requires a seasonal membership. A seasonal membership currently costs $45 and runs from 5/5/17 until 9/30/17. This allows your child to compete in USA Swim meets during the summer months through September after which our pool closes for the winter. Seasonal USA membership will not be available until 5/5/17. Registering prior to this date may cause you to be charged the higher yearly registration rate of $80
To Register your child as a USA swimmer: 
1) Visit the Sierra Nevada Swimming home page.
2) Click on "2017 USA Swimming Registration Page"
3) Click "Register Now"
4) Follow registration instructions. During the registration process a club code will be needed to register with this club. Calaveras County club code is CCAD-SN
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Gold Rush

USA Club Water Polo 

Gold Rush is the club team with USA Water Polo within CCA.  This club is for athletes entering 9th to 12th grade that want to learn to play water polo or stay sharp with their water polo skills!

Gold Rush will participate in USAWP sanctioned games throughout California. Athletes will need to register with CCA and separately with USA Water Polo at a Bronze level to just practice with the club or a Silver level to compete at water polo games.  Please visit  to register athletes.  Athletes must be 14 by 12/1/17 to participate.
If you have any further questions, please contact Coach Andrea Mazza at 209-606-2403.