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Boys Grab Second at Jordans

Posted by Lakeland Track an Field at May 4, 2017 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
The Lakeland Boys took second place at Jordan Relays on Thursday night. In route to their second place finish, the boys won 3 separate relays. The first win was the 4x100 meter relay with Tommy Pidgeon, Matt Pidgeon, Tyler Schwartzstrauber and Cy Babcanec. In the 1200 meter medley, Matt Pidgeon again teamed with Babcanec and Schwartzstrauber and got some help from Tyler Prudente while in the 1600 meter medley, Matt Pidgeon and Babcanec teamed with Jake Frazier and Jerry Borosky. The Chiefs took second in the 4x400 meter relay where Matt Pidgeon, Schwartzstrauber, Prudente and Babcanec raced together. The last of the medals was won by the ddistance medley relay with James Lewis, Frazier, Logan Bednash and Noah Chup. Next up, The Robert Spagna League Championship on Tuesday.
Lakeland boys finished the season as undefeated Division III Lackawanna League champions for the fifth consecutive year pushing their consecutive win streak to 31. Jake Frazier won both hurdles, Tommy Heller won the Pole Vault and Triple jump and Cy Babcanec won the 100 and 800. Seniors Tyler Schwartzstrauber, Stephen Liuzzo, and Seth Dippel picked up wins in the 200, Discus and Javelin respectively in their last home meet at Lakeland. Nick Liuzzo also hit the tape first in the 3200. Lakeland swept the relays again with wins in the 4x100 (Tommy Pidgeon, Matt Pidgeon, Schwartzstrauber, Tyler Prudente), 4x400 (Schwartzstrauber, Frazier, Matt Pidgeon and Babcanec), and 4x800 (Logan Bednash, Dylan Kovaleski, Shaun Swatt and John Noldy). Next up Jordan Relays this Thursday at Scranton Memorial Stadium.
The varsity boys team beat Carbondale 102-48 to clinch a tie for their fifth consecutive Division III title. Cy Babcanec won the 100, 200, and 400. Noah Chup picked up wins in the 800 and 1600 and Nick Liuzzo won the 3200 on the track while Lakeland swept all three relays (4x1-Jake Frazier, Jacob Snipes, Tyler Schwartzstrauber and Tommy Pidgeon, 4x4- Babcanec, Schwartzstrauber, Snipes and Matt Pidgeon, 4x800- James Lewis, Dylan Kovaleski, John Noldy and Tommy Pidgeon). A win in the shot put came from Kevin Johnson and Stephen Liuzzo won the discus. Next up is Riverside (0-4) in the final meet of the regular season.