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Posted by Heather Fechtenburg on Mar 08 2015 at 05:00PM PDT


All leagues are required to hand in affadavits with proper information collected. We ask that all District coaches have information prepared and held in a binder using sheet protectors,  1 per player with their eligibility information. Please use the links below to be ready and aware for your team.

Please use the resources below to provide for the district playoffs to sign off of your teams. Every parent will need to provide proof of address by providing a driver’s license, car registration and car insurance (these documents need to be prior to Feb. 1 2015. Everything that should already be in their glove box. Combine that with a raised and real birth certificate and you have everything necessary for your players.

For players who were involved In the past they can use the form that has already been signed off.

Affidavit signing is June 18 @ Morrisville 6-9PM, June 24 Morrisville 6-9PM

President and Player Agent MUST sign these forms please sure you have them sign off.

Little League Resources for Tournament

Determining League age: 

Creating a map for your team/players:

Softball and have the form filled out! Rules 

Affidavit for Softball 

Medical release have each parent fill this out for their child 

Softball Rules Summary: 

Please review these as you prepare for districts and have the form filled out! Rules 

Affidavit for Baseball - 

Baseball Rules Summary: 

Conduct/Dress All coaches must adhere to little league rules in conduct, be a role model for their team. All coaches on a team shall wear shirts/hats identical in color, trim and style. No cutoffs, tank tops or sleeveless shirts are permitted.  



PA District 21 2015 Schedule 

League Maps - check League info pages for updated and approved maps! 

Coaches guidelines - coming soon! 

Vtial Check - Birth Certificate Requisiton Site

Bats- it is the responsibility of the district coach for players to have LL certified bats, use the link to check bats

 Tournament Host

Leagues that would like to host a tournament please fill out the 2015 Tournament Hosting form 

and Check Guidelines




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