Posted by Darla Prudhomme on Nov 12 2008 at 04:00PM PST

The concession stand is the Blue Line Club's biggest fund raiser.

 Monies raised through the concession stand are used for the purchase of but not limited to:   new jerseys, helmets, breezers., goalie equipment,  tournament registration fees, and a power skating coach to name a few.  Without the concession stand the hockey registration fees would be considerably higher.

Working the concession stand is considered and accounted as part of your Blue Line Club registration fees.  We require you to purchase the raffle tickets,  and you may recoup some of your money, if you so choose by selling to friends and family. A parent/guardian is required to work in the concession stand.  You are required to put in at least 5 times per child per team (this all depends on the number of kids on the team and the number of games that are scheduled during your session of working.)

If you choose not to work, know that you will be charged $37.50 per time you do not work (with the maximum amount of $150.00 per child).  This does not include your home tournament.  Tournament time in the concession stand is extra (it's over and above your required 5 times).

If for whatever reason you cannot work at a scheduled time you can call upon others to help you out.  The Peanut parents can be called on to work for you if needed.   Coach Persson and Coach Bittner have made the high school boys and girls available to help out.  You need to contact one of them and make arrangments for them to help you out.  If you sign up for a time, and you are unable to serve, you cannot remove your name unless you have gotten someone else either within your team or someone outside of your team to cover for you.

All parents with kids in levels squirts/10U through bantam/14U are required to work.

Peanut paretns will be required to work during their own peanut jamboree later in the year, and starting in December they will be working on Wednesday evenings.

Sign up sheets will be posted on the wall by the concession stand door.

You may contact the concession stand managers with any questions: Brenda Bozyk @ 281-6287 (h) or 281-0559 (w) or Brenda Kaiser @ 281-3958 (h) or 281-4168 (w).



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