Posted by Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball Umpires on Aug 12 2016 at 05:00PM PDT


The National Umpire certification program created in 1995 has greatly improved the overall quality of umpiring in Boys/Majors Baseball. National Federation of High School  playing rules are now used in most instances with a few exceptions as found in the Boys/Majors Rule Book. Umpires are tested on knowledge of the game and based on experience and the recommendation of Dixie officials, a good number that start with local programs advance to various levels of tournament play. The primary emphasis of any umpire program should be to provide quality umpiring at the local level. Umpires also have the unique opportunity to showcase skills at District, State and World Series tournaments. All Boys/Majors games, including local league, shall be officiated by DBB certified and registered umpires.

Becoming an umpire in a Boys/Majors program is really simple. Contact should be made with an umpire association or the league in the local area. Each local league has complete autonomy in choosing officials that will work their program. DBB supports the local program by providing a District and State Umpire in Chief. The Umpire in Chief conducts clinics, provides certification materials and administers the state program. Successful completion of the certification programs allows an umpire to become registered with DBB.

Anyone interested in further information regarding the umpire program can contact a State Umpire in Chief as listed on the site. A complete & current listing of representatives from each state are found at the DBB website at

The National Umpire Coordinators can be contacted for more details:


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