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The National Umpire Coordinators will oversee the National Umpire Program to include: administration, communication, registration of umpires, umpire program oversight and all umpire assignments for the five World Series events. Any umpire that works a Dixie Boys/15U/Dixie Majors division game is required to be registered through the national umpire program. Included below is an attachment that has a complete listing of the state umpire-in-chiefs. For the purpose of completing registration, we have a link that will direct you to the individual states umpire registration platform. We are prepared to assist our Dixie Boys Baseball registered umpires. If you have any questions, please contact us!


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Message from the National Umpire Coordinators

Welcome to our official Boys and Majors Umpire Website!

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Online registration is required and it is mandatory that all umpires affiliated with DBB Boys/Majors be registered with the National Program. What this means is, when an umpire walks on the baseball field, he shall be registered from day one. There are no exceptions. This will require the watchful eye of every State and District Director and every State and District UIC to ensure this rule is followed.

The umpire is one of the best resources for PR that any program could ask for.

It is our goal to have the best youth baseball program with the best trained umpires. Make us proud!

More information will be added to this page!

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2022 Rules Corner

Posted by Dixie Boys/Majors Baseball Umpires at Jan 14, 2019 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

January 1, 2022

TOURNAMENT RULES: ——TEAMS—— TOURNAMENT RULES (Page 30 of the 2022-2023 Official Rulebook)

0.21DB DBB Boys tournament rosters may include up to fifteen (15) players of eligible league age. After the tournament begins, a player may be replaced for a legitimate reason only. The team’s league president must send a letter for approval showing why the player was replaced, to the State Director with a copy to the District Director. A copy of this letter must accompany the team’s credentials throughout tournament play. Only fifteen (15) players, and four (4) coaches, shall be permitted on the field or bench. Only two (2) coaches shall be allowed on the playing field at any time during the game. (Under this rule no mascots, animals or human, will be permitted on the field or bench.)
Note: Restated on Page 40 of the 2022-2023 Official DBB Rulebook – Rule 12:11 DB

——OBJECTIVES OF THE GAME—— TOURNAMENT RULES (Page 35 of the 2022-2023 Official DBB Rulebook)

1:09(b) The BSN-MACGREGOR #78 is the “Official DBB Tournament Baseball” and must be used for all levels of tournament competition.

1:11 (DB , 15U Division) Managers and coaches in Jr. Boys, Boys and 15U may opt to wear khaki shorts (knee-length) or long pants and must wear a matching jersey with or without a number. Apparel for manager and all coaches must match.

1.11 (DM ONLY) Managers and coaches in Pre-Majors and Majors divisions must wear a complete baseball uniform to include a matching jersey with or without a number.

DBB is a Pitch Smart Full Compliance organization!

Note: Information above is only an abbreviated version of the significant rule changes as approved by the Board of Directors. Please refer to the Official Rulebook for complete details related to all DBB rules, including editorial changes. 2022 Official Rulebook can be found in the attachment below :


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Umpire Program History

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In the 2015 National Board Meeting the State UIC’s voted in changes to the umpire policies and proceedures designed to bring the program into the 2016 year in a more stable financial foundation. The changes involved moving umpire registration completely online, restructuring the travel pay for World Series Umpires, adapting the requirements for eligibility for a world series to meet the current status of the program and keeping more umpires eligible to call and the removal of the insurance from the program.

NOTE….On February 6th the National UIC met with John Sadler at the Alabama State Meeting and discussed the insurance situation. John Sadler confirmed the folowing:& Any LEAGUE insured by Sadler Insurance will completely cover any and all umpires calling the Dixie games played at that league. It does not matter if the umpire is paid or a volunteer. He is covered for both accidental injury and with the liability portion of the insurance as well.  



Yes guys its true! In late 2015 the National Board voted 30 to 4 to make the change in the organizations rules from MLB Rules to the NFHS Rules. The Executive Board then voted the rules to take effect in the 2016 Baseball Season. While we do and will continue to maintain “Dixie” rules, any situation not covered or addressed in the “Dixie” rule book shall now be governed by the NFHS rules. In most cases the differences will be noticed in the speed and safety of the game. They conform better to what the players are used to from High School. Based upon comments from all areas of Dixie, this change should aid in the recruitment of teams to come back to Dixie and keep the players consistent with the game they play. 

National Board Meeting Changes in September 2017
Changes approved at the National Board Meeting in September 2017 help with the finances and insure the ability of the National Umpire Program to continue to provide quality umpires for World Series Events and cover the expenses of the umpires. A complete breakdown of the expenses paid to traveling umpires will be posted on the site in the near future.

World Series Umpires will be paid $55 game fees with all future World Series contracts beginning with the 2017 Majors WS. Current contract game fees ($45) must be honored on all pre-existing contracts. All umpire registration fees and certifications shall be handled ONLINE beginning 2016. Those of you that participated last year have already realized just how much easier the process is. Online testing will be annually. Complete instructions will be available in late January.

The cost of the Insurance program had become much to high to be maintained by the program. A unanimous vote by the State UICs with the ratification of the executive board resulted in the program dropping the insurance. Most umpires involved in Dixie are also High School Umpires and either have or can obtain even better coverage through the NFHS.