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Posted by Mark Gardner at May 4, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Welcome to the Riverside County Cross Country Website!  This website is intended to promote and highlight the efforts of the athletes and coaches that participate in Cross Country at the high school level here in Riverside County.  We want this website to be the effort of many, not one.  Please feel free to send us pictures, articles and results. 
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2015 Inland Empire Challenge

Posted by Mark Gardner at Oct 16, 2015 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Great Oak dominated the action here by winning just about ever race they were entered in.  Very nice performance by Beaumont and La Sierra's varsity boys as well.       Top results listed below!  
Still inputting all girls under 21 min.

-Issac Cortes (Great Oak) 14:48.1
*Solomon Fountaiin (Great Oak) 14:57.9
**Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt) 15:00.7
-Nelson Quintana (Great Oak) 15:11.1
**Carlos Carvajal (Great Oak) 15:12.9
*Justin Eipp (Great Oak) 15:25.7
**Edgard Villa (Vista Murrieta) 15:26.6
*Brett Vogelsang (Beaumont) 15:27.5
*Salvador Chavez (West Valley) 15:28.7
**Jacob Korgan (Great Oak) 15:29.8
*Tyler Flores (Rubidoux) 15:30.3
*Uriel Medina (Corona) 15:32.2
-Rudy Flores (La Sierra) 15:32.8
*Enrique Villa (Corona) 15:33.2
-Juan Ambriz (JW North) 15:36.2
-Michael Garcia (Great Oak) 15:36.7
**William Sanchez (Beaumont) 15:40.0
**Wayne Richards (Roosevelt) 15:40.6
**Nolan Valdivia (Beaumont) 15:41.5
*Jason Flores (Beaumont) 15:42.4
-Alex Rose (Xavier Prep) 15:44.0
*Kevyn Rocha (La Sierra) 15:45.7
*Erik Gonzalez (Rubidoux) 15:49.4
-David Stabile (Xavier Prep) 15:50.8
-Jared Amador (Paloma Valley) 15:51.6
-Daniel Harper (La Sierra) 15:51.6
*Isaiah Madrigal (Roosevelt) 15:52.5
-Melvin Esteva (La Sierra) 15:55.0
*Anthony Ruiz (Great Oak) 15:55.5
**Mason Guy (Temecula Valley) 15:55.8
-Carlos Perez (Beaumont) 15:59.0
*Tyle Handel (Paloma Valley) 15:59.7
*Eduardo Toris (Hemet) 16:00.4
**Raymond Franco (Rancho Verde) 16:00.7
-Moises Orduna (Corona) 16:00.7
-Matthew Tibbits (Great Oak) 16:00.9
-Parker Woodward (Murrieta Mesa) 16:01.7
*Giovanni Gutierrez (San Jacinto) 16:02.6
-Kyle Davis (Vista Murrieta) 16:03.8
*Humberto Guzman (Rubidoux) 16:05.3
***Ryan Shields (Great Oak) 16:06.1
-Andres Delgado (Beaumont) 16:08.2
**Tyler Graves (Hemet) 16:09.3
*Alex Munoz (La Sierra) 16:10.1
**Kyle Pendleton (Santiago) 16:11.8 
***Cameron Hylton (Great Oak) 16:12.4
**Timothy Reyes (Beaumont) 16:13.4
**Iman Khadir (Great Oak) 16:13.6 
-Josh Madriaga (Corona) 16:13.9
*Blake Starbuck (Corona) 16:16.3
*Jaleel Turner (Rancho Verde) 16:16.7
*Alvin Yu (Great Oak) 16:18.1
*Micah Hitchcock (Hemet) 16:18.9
-Manny Mata (La Sierra) 16:19.7
*Wesley Bowen (Great Oak) 16:20.2
-Ben Evans (Hemet) 16:20.4
**Conner Dmytriw (Paloma Valley) 16:20.8
-Ricardo Sanchez (Rubidoux) 16:21.4
-Saul Gallardo (Corona) 16:22.3
-Justin Harrison (Roosevelt) 16:22.6
**Marcos Milla (Santiago) 16:23.6 
-Slater Solis (Santiago) 16:23.7
**Luke Zimmer (Great Oak) 16:24.2
-Payton Olson (Murrieta Mesa) 16:25.8 
**Ben Bromen (Hemet) 16:26.1
-Ricky Cardenas (JW North) 16:29.0
*Ray Berela (West Valley) 16:29.6
-Ivan Esquivel (La Quinta) 16:29.8
-Tristin Maggio (Vista Murrieta) 16:30.8
**Josh Potts (Roosevelt) 16:30.9
-Eastern Sherman (Hillcrest) 16:32.1
*Declan Clause (Great Oak) 16:33.7 
***Brock Stuckey (Great Oak) 16:36.3 
***Tyler Tickner (Great Oak) 16:37.2
-Dallas Reuter (Paloma Valley) 16:37.2
-Nick Brandao (Vista Murrieta) 16:38.2
-Ivan Orozco (Ramona) 16:39.0 
**Nathan Trujillo (Santiago) 16:39.4  
-Gabriel Rodriguez (Xavier Prep) 16:39.4
**Devon Smart (Murrieta Valley) 16:39.7
-AJ Adrian (Murrieta Valley) 16:40.1 
**Blake Clark (Murrieta Valley) 16:40.3
**Justin Flores (Vista Murrieta) 16:41.9
-Ethan Gomez (Xavier Prep) 16:42.5
*Noah Carey (Hemet) 16:42.7
***Clayton Castro (Murrieta Valley) 16:43.1 
*Dylan Klemp (Vista Murrieta) 16:44.0
-Hakan Larsson (Great Oak) 16:44.3 
-David Sanchez (Corona) 16:44.8
*Adrian Felix (Coachella Valley) 16:45.0
*Jozef Chavez (Roosevelt) 16:47.3
**Jeremy Stevens (Murrieta Valley) 16:48.2 
**Johan Sanchez (Ramona) 16:48.4
*Manuel Contreras (Corona) 16:49.4
*Javier Vazquez (Corona) 16:49.6
-Mario Blanco (West Valley) 16:49.7 
**Aidan Garcia (Santiago) 16:49.8 
*Caleb Newton (Centennial) 16:49.8
-Francisco Dominguez (West Valley) 16:50.3
**Adam Webb (Murrieta Mesa) 16:50.6 
**Damian Sanchez (Beaumont) 16:50.7
**Parker Burgett (Great Oak) 16:51.5
-Andrew Ross (Vista Murrieta) 16:52.0
*Jonah Brown (Vista Murrieta) 16:52.5
**Jared Angle (Elsinore) 16:52.7
-Ricardo Rodriguez (Elsinore) 16:53.2
-Alec Hall (Norco) 16:53.6  
-Alejandro Cadenas (Rubidoux) 16:53.7
-Sean Chevalier (Murrieta Mesa) 16:53.8 
-Jalen Hawes (Murrieta Valley) 16:53.9
**Justin Velarde (Great Oak) 16:54.1 
-Ben Rooney (Palm Desert) 16:54.4
**Andrew Lazelle (Great Oak) 16:54.7
*Braulio Ramirez (Xavier Prep) 16:55.7
*Chris Dixon (Murrieta Mesa) 16:56.2
***JT Lavely (Great Oak) 16:57.5
***Grayson Boyce (Great Oak) 16:58.1
**Manuel Gonzalez (Beaumont) 16:58.3
*Jacob Ek (Great Oak) 16:58.4 
-Miguel Vazquez (Rancho Verde) 16:58.7
-Gunnar Plunkett (Murrieta Valley) 16:58.9 
*Antonio Maggi-Brown (Santiago) 16:59.0
-Abram Torres (Rancho Verde) 17:00.0  

Great Oak - 18 (missing 2 of their top 5)
Beaumont - 85 
La Sierra - 118
Corona - 133 
Roosevelt - 144 (missing 2 of their top 6)
Rubidoux - 181 (missing #1)
Vista Murrieta - 207
Hemet - 229
Paloma Valley - 234
Xavier Prep - 235
Santiago - 259
Murrieta Mesa - 308
Murrieta Valley - 309

**Tahlia Adams (Roosevelt) 17:52.7
-Taylor Walker (Great Oak) 17:53.0
*Michelle McIntosh (Great Oak) 18:08.5
-Micaela Reynolds (Vista Murrieta) 18:13.1
**Kyleigh Macy (Great Oak) 18:21.5
***Sarah Lyon (Great Oak) 18:24.0
***Cayla Etheridge (Santiago) 18:28.4 
*Julie Diaz (Vista Murrierta) 18:37.8
*Ally Talpash (Great Oak) 18:42.9 
***Katya Candray (Great Oak) 18:46.5
*Crystal Valiente (Roosevelt) 18:48.3
***Paige Haynes (Vista Murrieta) 18:50.5
*Alison Soto (Beaumont) 18:54.1 
-Hailie Grimes (Beaumont) 18:54.4
*Maya Ambroziak (Great Oak) 19:00.5
*Cassidy Hylton (Great Oak) 19:00.6
***Madilyn Herrera (Temecula Valley) 19:06.0
-Taylor Lawson (Great Oak) 19:06.3 
-Hannah Doty (Paloma Valley) 19:07.6
***Peyton Candaele (Vista Murrieta) 19:11.5
*Hannah Lyon (Great Oak) 19:13.4
-Emily O'hara (Temecula Valley) 19:14.5
*Sarah Workman (Great Oak) 19:15.4
-Kaylee Saville (Great Oak) 19:22.6
-Claire Fisher (Temecula Valley) 19:23.2 
**Nadine Dubon (Vista Murrieta) 19:23.7
-Daniela Romero (Centennial) 19:25.6
*Amelia Strahan (Vista Murrieta) 19:28.5
**Ally Camacho (Roosevelt) 19:29.8
***Brianna Macias (Beaumont) 19:30.6 
***Elizabeth Bermudez (Temecula Valley) 19:34.1
-Sophia Candenhead (Paloma Valley) 19:34.7
***Brigette White (Temecula Valley) 19:37.9
*Kama Groh (Great Oak) 19:40.2
***Raeva Solbach (Temecula Valley) 19:49.2
**Kimberly Lopez (San Jacinto) 19:49.8 
-Jaden Warrick (Roosevelt) 19:51.7
**Zavita Sasser (Beaumont) 19:52.6
-Karissa Manzanares (Beaumont) 19:53.2
 -Vanessa Ramirez (La Quinta) 19:55.9
-Sandra Flores (La Quinta) 19:57.4
**Emily Heaston (Corona) 19:57.5
**Jasmine Garcia (Corona) 19:58.5
**Mikayla Kambietz (Paloma Valley) 20:01.1
***Aeriel Madrigal (Beaumont) 20:06.8
*Daisy Garcia (Centennial) 20:07.8
**Jasmine West (Paloma Valley) 20:08.7 
*Jillian Guzman (Roosevelt) 20:11.6
***Ariel Van Riper (Vista Murrieta) 20:14.5
*Neftali Escalante (Corona) 20:15.2
***Alexis Mendivel (West Valley) 20:21.9 
***Sonia Nevis (Beaumont) 20:22,2 
**Jada Martinez (Rubidoux) 20:25.9
*Samantha Cruz (Corona) 20:29.6 
**Hayley Richards (Murrieta Mesa) 20:32.2
**Vanessa Garcia (Murrieta Valley) 20:33.9
 ***Mikka Von Scherr (La Quinta) 20:34.6
*Jordyn Ahlberg (Temecula Valley) 20:36.1 
***Caitlin Billman (Murrieta Valley) 20:45.4
**Amanda Navarro (Elsinore) 20:46.7
**Paloma Barron (Roosevelt) 20:52.7     

The CIF Committee overseeing the sport of Cross Country made it official.  As much as a shock this may be for those outside 'the circle of trust' the rundown, forgotten abandoned golf course near downtown Riverside will be the site of the 2015 CIF Prelims.  The course committee plans on hosting an invitational (2.25 miles) on this course on September 5th while also hosting another invite on Saturday, October 24th.  Of course, this upcoming November will be the real show where all five divisions will compete at the CIF Prelims!   There is also a slight chance it may also host the following weeks' finals.  But, the plan here is that the Riverside City Golf Course will be the site of the 2016 and 2017 CIF Postseason where all teams in the Southern Section will run through this course en route to a possible state meet berth!

Prepcaltrack coverage link:
Video flyover of the course:




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Great Oak Girls Take 2nd place at NXN

Posted by Mark Gardner at Dec 7, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

In what had been their target all season long, Great Oak's girls performed brilliantly to take 2nd place at the 2014 Nike Cross Team Nationals.  Winning for the 9th time in 10th years, Fayetteville Manilius captured the Girls' Title once again.  FM was able to put all five scorers into an 11 second window to seal the deal.  But, despite most California teams not performing well here in the past, Great Oak finished the highest of any California squad in the history of this meet.  While finishing with a 39 second scoring gap, junior Destiny Collins led the way with her 18:31 time on the tough Oregon course.  In the top five squads, they all graduate two scorers while Great Oak will return all of their scorers in 2014 and expect to be even stronger in the future. 

More to highlight asap

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2014 Riverside All-County Squads

Posted by Mark Gardner at Dec 5, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

1st Team All-County Squad

-Anthony Alvarez (Rubidoux)
*Isaac Cortes (Great Oak)
-Nick Doan (Great Oak)
-Jayden Emerson (Hemet)
-Luis Ramos (Rubidoux)
-Branden Randall (Roosevelt)
*Cole Spencer (Great Oak)

2nd Team All-County Squad
-Jeremiah Bias (Vista del Lago)
-Jacob Boatman (Beaumont)
*Spencer Dodds (Great Oak)
*Tyler Janes (ML King)
-Christian Lopez (Vista del Lago)
***Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt)
-Andres Vizcarra (Beaumont)

3rd Team All-County Squad
-Anthony Arvizu (Great Oak)
*Melvin Esteva (La Sierra)
**Erik Gonzalez (Rubidoux)
-Hogan Lizza (Xavier College Prep)
*Eric Nunez (Vista Murrieta) 
-Rolando Phalen (ML King)
-Carlos Ramirez (ML King)
-Pedro Sandoval (Rubidoux)
-Seth Villanueva (ML King)
*Mark Werley (ML King)
chose ten boys as this was very tough... 

All Senior Team
Anthony Alvarez (Rubidoux), Jeremiah Bias (Vista del Lago), Nick Doan (Great Oak), Jayden Emerson (Hemet), Luis Ramos (Rubidoux), Branden Randall (Roosvelt), Andres Vizcarra (Beaumont)

All Junior Team 
Isaac Cortes (Great Oak), Spencer Dodds (Great Oak), Melvin Esteva (La Sierra), Tyler Janes (ML King), Eric Nunez (Vista Murrieta), Cole Spencer (Great Oak), Mark Werley (ML King)

All Sophomore Team
Carlos Delatorre (Patriot), Solomon Fountain (Great Oak), Justin Eipp (Great Oak), Erik Gonzalez (Rubidoux), Frank Lagunas (La Sierra), Uriel Medina (Corona), Anthony Ruiz (Great Oak)

All Freshman Team
Carlos Carvajal (Great Oak), Raymond Franco (Rancho Verde), Jesus Guzman (Rubidoux), Jacob Korgan (Great Oak), Raymon Ornelas (Roosevelt), Wayne Richards (Roosevelt), Tyler Spencer (Roosevelt)


1st Team All-County Squad
***Tahlia Adams (Roosevelt)
**Kiyena Beatty (Great Oak)
**Sydney Belus (Great Oak)
-Ashley Cahalan (Vista Murrieta) 
*Emily Clause (Great Oak)
*Destiny Collins (Great Oak)
-Taylor Taite (Murrieta Mesa)

2nd Team All-County Squad
*Kailie Grimes (Beaumont)
-Maiya Larsen (Great Oak)
**Evelyn Mandel (Great Oak)
***Sandra Pflughoft (Great Oak)
**Marissa Rodriguez (La Quinta)
*Desiree Stinger (Great Oak)
*Taylor Walker (Great Oak)

3rd Team All-County Squad
-Taylore Cantu (Hemet)
*Sandra Flores (La Quinta)
*Michaela Reynolds (Vista Murrieta)
**Nicole Rice (Great Oak)
-Kelly Thomas (Great Oak)
-Audrey Wallis (Great Oak)
-Jaden Warrick (Roosevelt)

All Senior Team
Ashley Cahalan (Vista Murrieta), Taylore Cantu (Hemet), Chandler Kerr (Chaparral), Maiya Larsen (Great Oak), Emily Sanchez (ML King), Taylor Taite (Murrieta Mesa), Audrey Wallis (Great Oak),  

All Junior Team
Emily Clause (Great Oak), Destiny Collins (Great Oak), Sandra Flores (La Quinta), Kailie Grimes (Beaumont), Michaela Reynolds (Vista Murrieta), Desiree Stinger (Great Oak), Taylor Walker (Great Oak) 

All Sophomore Team
Kiyena Beatty (Great Oak), Sydney Belus (Great Oak), Cassidy Hylton (Great Oak), Evelyn Mandel (Great Oak), Nicole Rice (Great Oak), Marissa Rodriguez (La Quinta), Crystal Valiente (Roosevelt)

All Freshman Team
Tahlia Adams (Roosevelt), Paloma Barron (Roosevelt), Erika Burgess (Great Oak), Shae Corcoran (Santiago), Sofia DeLeon (Chaparral), Isabelle Edsall (Great Oak), Sandra Pflughoft (Great Oak)