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modified rules update

Posted by Lynn Beesecker at May 5, 2010 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
MODIFIED RULES CLARIFICATIONS:  NO TIME LIMIT on modified games.  Play up to two extra innings if game is tied.  Full rules at BOCES site.
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2010 Membership by Class

Posted by Lynn Beesecker at Feb 28, 2010 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
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Posted by Lynn Beesecker at Feb 16, 2010 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

 2019 MEETINGS: 

 Meetings at Chester Academy unless otherwise noted. 

Wed 2/6 (Snow date 2/13) 7 pm Chester


Mon. & Tues. 3/4 & 5 traing clinic, mandatory for new and probatiionary members. 

Wed 3/6 Rules Interp + Business (Double meeting) 7 pm Chester


Wed 4/10 7 pm Chester Part 1 + Business

Wed 4/24 7 pm Chester


Wed 5/22 7 pm Chester - Summer ball

Wed 6/5 7.30 pm Business + Dinner (Double meeting) at Old Erie



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Posted by Lynn Beesecker at Jun 30, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

      Sec. 1 - This Organization shall be known as the ORANGE COUNTY BASEBALL UMPIIRES ASSOCIATION.  This Organization shall be a Chapter Member of the NEW YORK STATE BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, INC.
     Sec. 2 - The object of this Organization shall be to sponsor and promote a program that will recruit and train candidates to become potential umpires; to conduct meetings and training clinics that will further the development of competent officials, to adopt and employ a standard system of officiating for all Organization umpires; to determine and apply a uniform interpretation of the Official Rules, to make available efficient service and provide certified umpires for all classifications of baseball, to promote sportsmanship and stimulate improved relations between the umpires and those whom this association serves, to enhance the conduct, the welfare, the interests and the integrity of its Members and to preserve the compensation warranted for the caliber of services rendered by this Organization.
     Sec. 3 - This Organization cannot dissolve while nine (9) members, in good standing, object to its dissolution and this Section cannot be altered, amended or rescinded.
     Sec. 1 -The region assigned to this Chapter shall be located within the boundaries as established in the incorporation of Chapters under the NEW YORK STATE BASEBALL UMPIRES ASSOCIATION, INC. It shall include the territory of Orange County and such additional territories as may be agreed or authorized for the providing of umpires. This Chapter shall be the only organization under the NYSBUA, INC. empowered to qualify and certify umpires and to govern the umpiring standards and activities in this region wherein they do not conflict with the by-laws of NYSBUA. INC.
     Sec. 1 - There shall be four classifications of membership, namely; Probationary, Active, Inactive and Honorary. 
     Probationary Membership is granted to those applicants who pass the required testing and who otherwise show presumptive ability to meet the standards as adopted by the organization.  Probationary members may not do varsity level games.
     Active Membership is granted to those who have demonstrated after two years of probationary membership (one year for members transferred from other associations where they held the equivalent of Active Membership) competence as umpires by meeting the standards as adopted by the organization.  Probationary status may be extended in appropriate cases. 
     Inactive Membership is the status granted to a Member, possessing an Active rank, who desires a leave of absence from active officiating.
     Honorary Membership may be proclaimed for a senior Active Member who has retired from Active Status.
     Sec. 2 - To maintain a Probationary or Active Membership status, a member must be in good standing, must participate in the promotional functions of this organization, and must be an active umpire. To qualify as a member-in-good standing, the member must meet his/her dues obligation, must attend compulsory meetings, must attend the required number of annual Umpire Association Meetings required by this organization and must perform in the best interests of and for the good of this Organization.  

     Sec. 3 – Inactive Membership is the status granted to an Active Member who, after having served this Organization for three (3) or more consecutive years as an Active Member, finds that he/she cannot actively officiate for an indefinite period of time. Inactive Membership is to be granted in cases where it is anticipated that the Member will be restored to Active Membership at some future date.

A member on Inactive Status will pay half dues, is not required to attend meetings, but must complete the NFHS test for that year. The test may be mailed to the Secretary/Treasurer by the date it is due for active members. Member cannot: Umpire for or hold an office in this organization; Umpire, for any other organization or as an individual, ball games of the type for which services are provided by this Organization. Violation of this rule will be grounds for fines, suspension, expulsion or any combination thereof.

Any member having been granted inactive status and wishing to return to an active status, must apply in writing to the Executive Committee for reinstatement. The Executive Committee may reinstate the Member depending on the length of time inactive, the reason for the inactive status, and the capability of the member to resume active status, and reserves the right to reinstate such member at the same or at a lower rank as when he/she was at when granted inactive status. Requests for Inactive Membership must be presented in writing to the Secretary stating the reason for this request. In addition, the letter should also acknowledge that the individual making the request cannot officiate in any league or for any team while in the inactive status without the express approval of the Executive Committee. Members are to request Inactive Status by January 1 of the calendar year for which Inactive membership is requested. Requests for return to Active Status must be submitted in writing by January 1 of the year of return to Active Status.

     Sec. 4 -Honorary Membership shall be considered only when a member who has served this Organization loyally and credibly for five (5) or more consecutive years, makes the decision to retire permanently from active officiating. Honorary Membership shall be granted upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and when approved by a majority of the quorum present at a regular membership meeting. An Honorary Member shall not be required to pay dues or assessments or attend compulsory meetings, and may not act in the capacity of an active member.
     Sec. 5 - Application for membership to this Organization must be submitted in writing on the official Organization Application form.  Applicants for membership will be required to be physically fit, to be otherwise qualified and to pay a non refundable registration fee as prescribed. This registration fee shall be credited as part payment of the membership dues.
     Applicants for membership in the OCBUA must be a minimum of nineteen (19) years of age.
     Sec. 6 -The Executive Committee shall review and approve all applications, including applications received from umpires seeking to transfer membership to this Organization.  Transfer applications must be submitted in writing on the official Organization application form. Only applicants able to provide bonafide affidavits and proof of having current active status in Professional Umpiring ranks or with recognized Certified Umpire Chapters shall be considered for transfer under this Section.
     Sec. 7- Any member of another chapter of the NYSBUA who is or desires to become a member of this chapter without giving up membership in the other chapter (dual membership) shall (subject to any different or additional requirements for dual membership that may be prescribed by the NYSBUA) fulfill the duties of a member as herein prescribed, except that 1) the application for membership may be handled under the rules applicable to a transfer of membership and 2) attendance at meetings may be split between the chapters provided that at least two meetings of this chapter are attended,.
     Sec. 1 – The officers of this Organization shall be a President; a Vice-President; a Secretary and a Treasurer.  The By-Laws may provide for the combining the duties of Secretary and Treasurer into one position of Secretary/Treasurer, with one person (with a single vote on the Executive Committee or otherwise) discharging the obligations of both offices.
     Sec. 2 – The President is the chief executive officer of the organization and shall act on behalf of the organization with the powers and authority normally reserved to such office, as limited or expanded by this 
Constitution or the By Laws.  The President shall conduct and preside at all regular meetings and Executive Committee meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order.  The President shall appoint the Interpreter(s) and Section Chairs and shall designate the chairperson and members of the following standing committees:  Constitution, Contract, Dinner, Hospitality, Umpire Development, and Audit.  The President may appoint a parliamentarian and may appoint a person to obtain/assign games for members from organizations other than High School.  The president shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of a chairperson and at least two other members prior to the annual meeting.  The nominating committee shall submit to the president at the annual meeting a list of nominees for all elective offices. The president shall also call for nominations from the floor.  When nominations consist of more than one person for any office, that ballot will be a closed ballot.  Election shall be by a majority of the votes cast.  If no candidate shall obtain a majority, a subsequent vote involving the top two vote getters (and ties) shall be held until a candidate shall obtain a majority.
     Sec. 3 – The Vice President shall in the absence of the President perform all presidential duties.
     Sec. 4 – The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Organization Membership and Executive Committee Meetings and shall submit same at each succeeding meetings, their election to office, suspension or expulsions, shall notify Committee members of their appointment and assigned duties and shall conduct correspondence and keep records normally associated with his office for this Organization.  The Secretary shall give a copy of all previous minutes to the president before the next meeting.  The Secretary shall receive as compensation for each term of office dues-free membership and/or such other compensation as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by majority of the membership attending any meeting.
     Sec. 5 – The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all moneys accepted and distributed in the name of this Organization, except fees and expenses related to assignments to other than High School games, which may be accepted and distributed by a member designated by the President under Article IV, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, in a manner directed/approved by the President.  
     The Treasurer shall deposit said money in the financial institution designated by the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer may issue checks for payment of warranted association indebtedness up to an amount specified without formal Executive Committee approval.  No check may be drawn for any amount in excess of that specified until an official bill has been submitted for review and approval for payment authorized by the Executive Committee.
     The Treasurer shall prepare and submit, to the membership in writing, a detailed line item financial statement at the Annual First Business Meeting or at such time as requested by the Executive committee or the membership.  One copy of said report will be kept on file by the Secretary.
     The Treasurer shall record all said monies, collect and keep an account of all dues, assessments and fines. He/she shall advise the President of the eligibility of any member to take part in certain proceedings during meetings. He/She shall notify all members by mail who are delinquent in their dues and if the same is not paid within one (l) month (30 days) of such notification, he/she shall report the same to the Executive Committee.
     The Treasurer shall read at every compulsory meeting, a list of those members who are subject to fines or penalties. The Treasurer shall submit his/her books, upon request, to the Auditing Committee for inspection and deliver same to his/her successor in office.
     The Treasurer shall receive as compensation for each term of office dues-free membership and/or such other compensation as recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by majority of the membership attending any meeting.
Sec. 6 – There shall be an Executive Committee which shall consist of the following:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past President, the Rules Interpreter, and the Section Leaders. The Rules Interpreter and Section Leaders shall be elected in the same manner and at the same time as the officers.
     Sec. 7 -The Executive Committee shall administer and direct the affairs and activities of this Organization and shall review and rule on any problem or proposal that may be submitted by any member or Committee of this Organization. Functions of the Executive Committee shall include:
1.       Review and pass on all applications for membership;
2.       Review and determine all changes in membership status;
3.       Review and determine all complaints against any member and levy such fines or other sanctions as may be appropriate;
4.       Call special meeting if it deems necessary;
5.       Review and approve expenses for reimbursement;
6.       Act on any other matter placed under its jurisdiction by the Constitution or by laws;
7.       Act on any other matters affecting the organization as it deems appropriate where the matter is not designated to be otherwise handled by the Constitution, By Laws or rules adopted by the membership.
     The Executive Committee shall have the jurisdiction to act and render decisions on all matters not specifically covered or addressed in the Constitution and By-Laws of this Organization.
     Sec. 1 – The first regular meeting can be held any time after January 1 of each year.
     Sec. 2 – The president shall, on seven days notice, schedule this and such additional meetings as deemed necessary to meet the State Five Point Program requirements, to meet the requirements of providing umpires for high schools and other organizations, and/or to meet such other needs of this organization as the President may deem appropriate.
     Sec. 3 - The President may call a Special Meeting for the general membership or the Executive Committee provided he/she submits a written advance notice of at least seven (7) days to each member.  The President shall be compelled to call a Special Meeting when presented with a signed petition of fifty-one (51) percent of the Active Membership or a Special Executive Meeting when presented with a signed petition by three (3) or more Executive Committee Members.  The President shall call these meetings within seven (7) days after receiving such petitions and the President must submit a written advance notice of at lease seven (7) days to each Active Member.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
     Sec. 1 - The By-laws for the administration of this Organization shall be made by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and shall be ratified by a majority vote of the quorum present at a regular Membership Meeting.
     Sec. 2 - The By-laws shall not be suspended except by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the quorum present at a regular Membership Meeting.
     Sec. 1 – An amendment to this Constitution or its By-Laws may be proposed either by the Executive committee or the general membership. The proposed amendment may be introduced at any regular meeting and shall be recorded in the minutes of that meeting and shall be read for the first time at the end of the meeting in which it was proposed. The second reading of the proposed amendment shall be made at the meeting immediately following the meeting in which the amendment was proposed and first read and after which a membership vote will be taken for adoption.  A two thirds (2/3) vote of the quorum present at the regular or special meeting shall be required to carry the amendment to the Constitution and two-thirds (2/3) shall be required of a similar quorum for amending the By-Laws.
     Sec. 1 – In order to facilitate continual revision and/or additions to this Constitution or subsequent By-Laws, the Constitution Committee is authorized to update this Constitution and By-Laws every Fall to include By-Laws and Amendments passed under Article VI and/or VII of this Constitution.
     Sec. 2 – The Constitution Committee is further authorized to excerpt portions of this constitution and By-Laws and present the excerpted portions in appendixes to this Constitution.  Any appendix to this Constitution and By-Laws shall have the same effect as if it were included in the body of this Constitution and By-Laws.
 This Constitution is adopted on: March, 2005

Amended: May, 2009- Article IV, Sec. 6 
Amended May, 2015, Artile III, Sec. 3