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Posted by Mike Rothenbuhler at Apr 21, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Final Score Game 2:  Indians 10, Reds 3

Saturday, April 8, 2006, 1:30 p.m. Major Field

The Alameda AAA Indians defeated the Reds in a game featuring strong offense from a shorthanded Indians team.  The Indians were forced to play with only eight players because of absences.

The Indians were the visiting team and batted first.  A lead off single from Trevor Greenley began an inning wherein the entire line-up would see an at bat. Jackson Tracy was next up and walked, but not before Greenley stole second on an errant pitch.  Micah Rothenbuhler then tripled to bring in the runners and the Indians were up by two runs.  Michael Copple continued the hitting with a double, scoring Rothenbuhler from third.  Isaac Maximov followed Michael’s double with one of his own, bringing the total of runs scored to four as Copple scored on the play.  That ended the scoring for the inning as Evan Park and Liam Bergstrom struck out and Casey Thiering grounded to first to end the first half of the inning.

The Reds were unable to score in their first at bat as an alert and able Indians defense retired the side after four batters.  Micah Rothenbuhler pitched for the Indians.  The Reds pitcher, Billeter, led off and was thrown out at first on a grounder.  Fisher followed with a single, was held at first when Watson flied out, and finally was thrown out at third while attempting to stretch a successful steal of second base.

The Indians were unable to add to their lead in the second inning.  Greenley was thrown out at first after grounding to short.  Tracy singled on a dropped fly, and then stole second before advancing to third on a double by Rothenbuhler.  Copple was called out on strikes and Maximov went down swinging leaving two runners stranded.

The Reds were able to narrow the scoring gap in the bottom of the second, but were retired still down a run.  Llamas led off with a single of Rothenbuhler’s pitch, and eventually stole home to get the Reds on the scoreboard with the help of some missed throws from the Indians fielders.  Mangahas, batting second in the inning, struck out.  Tu flied to shallow center field, and advanced to second on a single by Doumitt.  The Indians got their second out of the inning when Rothenbuhler struck out Mainaga.  Melendez then singled but Tu was held at second. The Reds base runners scored on a single by Rochlin, but Melendez was thrown out trying to get back to third on an unsuccessful stolen base try, and the side was retired with the Indians up one run.

Billeter continued to pitch for the Reds in the third inning.  The first two Indians batters, Park and Bergstrom, refusing to swing at pitches outside the strike zone, gained bases on balls, advanced on stolen bases, and then scored on Thiering’s double to the outfield.  Greenley singled, but Thiering was thrown out at third for one away.  Greenley then stole second before Tracy flied out, but was batted in on a single by Rothenbuhler.  Micah then stole second as a pitch to Copple went wild.  Copple then walked and the Indians had two men on base.  A wild pitch allowed Rothenbuhler to score and Copple to steal second, where he was stranded when Maximov was called out on strikes and the side retired; now leading eight to three.

Rothenbuhler continued on the mound for the Indians to finish out the third inning.  Magana, leading off for the Reds, flied out to short, and the subsequent batter struck out.  Now Billeter, top of the Reds’ batting order, addressed the plate and singled as a grounder got by the Indians’ fielder.  Fisher followed with a single on a fly ball to second, and the Reds had two men on.  The runners advanced on a mishandled pitch, but the reds batter was called out on strikes and the Reds were retired without scoring.

A pitching change for the Reds put Doumitt on the mound at the top of the fourth inning.  The Indians lead off batter, Park, walked, and then Bergstrom was called out on strikes.  Thiering struck out swinging and it was two out and one man on.  Park stole second on a wild pitch to Greenley, who was eventually walked.  Tracy then struck out and the Indians were retired without scoring, stranding two.

The Indians put in Evan Park to pitch the fourth and the Reds were retired in the fourth one, two, three.  Llamas struck out swinging, Mangahas walked but was thrown out trying to stretch the steal of second base to third, and Tu was thrown out at first on a ground ball to second.

A quick trip to the Snack shack wasn’t quick enough to get this observer to get back in time for most of the top of the fifth, but the Indians were retired without scoring.  Bergstrom was thrown out at first on a ground ball to second and the action moved to the bottom of the inning.

The Indians brought out Michael Copple to pitch the fifth, and the Reds were quickly retired.  Doumitt, leading off for the Reds, gained a base on balls, but ended up stranded on third after a pair of successful stolen bases.  Mainaga, batting second, was called out on strikes, Melendez struck out swinging, and finally Rochlin struck out to end the inning.

The Indians were able to pad their lead in the sixth with a pair of runs batted in.  Thiering struck out swinging, and Greenley followed him with a single.  Greenley stole second before Doumitt, pitching for the Reds, walked Tracy, before scoring on long fly ball by Rothenbuhler.  With Tracy in scoring position on third, Copple singled, Tracy scored, but the Reds got the second out of the inning on a force play on Rothenbuhler at second.  Copple stole second on a mishandled pitch before Maximov took a base on balls, but a fly out by Park closed out the half inning.

The Indians closed out the game by retiring the Reds batters in order on fly out to Rothenbuhler by Magana, and two subsequent strike outs of Reds batters.

Another game played well with few errors, and the Indians have their first win of the season.

Game recap written by J. Michael Bergstrom.  All rights reserved.

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Posted by Mike Rothenbuhler at Mar 27, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Final Score Game 1:  Indians 3, Red Sox 7

Sunday, March 19, 2006, 8:30 a.m., Minor Field

The Alameda AAA Indians were defeated in their season opener by strong pitching from a talented Red Sox team.

The game was well played with both teams exhibiting good defensive play.  The Indians were the home team and the Red Sox were first at bat.  They were unable to score, however, with the lead-off man singling and then being thrown out at second on a single from the Red Sox’s second batter.  The third batter walked, and after a strike-out, the Sox’s final batter of the inning grounded out, stranding two on base.

The Indians closed the first inning leaving one man on base.  After a lead off single by Nick Stevens, the Red Sox were able to hold the Indians scoreless with a strike-out, a fly out, and another strike-out.

The Indians held the Red Sox scoreless in the second inning, allowing only a single behind solid pitching by Derek Snediker and team fielding.  At bat the Indians were unable to score, however, with a lead-off walk stranded by three successive strike-outs.

The third inning saw an Indian’s pitching change, with Trevor Greenley taking over from Snediker.  Pitching remained strong and only one hit was allowed from the Red Sox lead-off batter, but fielding errors allowed the runner to score on stolen bases.  A good fielding effort prevented further scoring as the Indians supported their pitcher by catching two fly balls and throwing the Red Sox’s Kim out when he hit a grounder.

The Indians were three up and three down in the bottom of the third and the inning ended with the Red Sox up by one.

The fourth inning proved to be a breakout in scoring for both teams.  The Indian’s Greenley struck out the first Red Sox batter.  The next batter hit a long fly ball, but was held to a double by a good Indians cut off throw.  A wild pitch to the next batter allowed the runner to advance to scoring position, but the Indian’s pitching held and the batter struck out.  The next batter scored the runner from third on a single, and was batted in himself by Hobbes of the Red Sox’s ground ball double.  He was able to steal third and then home on some difficulties between the pitcher and catcher of the Indians, but after walking one batter Indians got the third out on a force play to second.  The score stood at four to nothing, Red Sox.

The Red Sox made a pitching change for the fourth inning and the Indians were able to take advantage of the fresh pitcher for three runs.  Liam Bergstrom, leading off for the Indians walked, and then was advanced to third base on a double by Nick Stevens.  Jackson Tracy walked to load the bases.  Bergstrom scored for the Indians, stealing home on a wild pitch, and the runners advanced to second and third.  The Indian’s batter struck out, but not before Stevens stole home for the Indian’s second run on a mishandled pitch.

Michael Copple, next up for the Indians, batted in Tracy but was thrown out at first, and the next batter struck out to end the inning with the Indians now down by one run.

The Indians called on Isaac Maximov to pitch the fifth inning, and after allowing a single to the lead off man, struck out the next two batters.  The Red Sox’s last batter of the inning hit a grounder back to the pitcher and the Red Sox base runner was thrown out at home to retire the side.

The Red Sox brought in a fresh pitcher for the fifth inning and the Indians were unable to score, striking out in order, the second batter on a called strike three.

The Indians had a rough time of the final inning, allowing the Red Sox to score three runs.  After a double and then a stolen third base from the lead off batter the Red Sox scored when the second batter grounded to short and was thrown out at first. The third Red Sox batter singled, and a line drive hit along the third baseline by the fourth man up made it one away with runners on first and second.  A wild pitch advanced the runners to second and third before the Red Sox batter flied out for two away, and a fielding error on a single from the next batter scored both base runners.  The side was retired when the final Red Sox batter flied out, with the Red Sox now up seven to three.

The Indians were unable to mount a comeback, and the game ended with the Indians down four runs as the final three batters went three up and three down, all striking out, the first and last on called third strikes and the second batter swinging.

All in all it was a well played game with only a few mistakes made.  A little more Indians offense would have made the score closer, or even pulled out a win.

Game recap written by J. Michael Bergstrom.  All rights reserved.

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Posted by Mike Rothenbuhler at Feb 23, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The 2006 Alameda, CA AAA INDIANS gave the opposition all the game they could handle this season . . . well, most of the time!
And would like to thank our fellows for the competition, sportsmanship, and great fun throughout!