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Final Score Game 6: Indians 4, Red Sox 10

Monday, May 1, 2006, 5:30 p.m., Minor Field

The Alameda AAA Indians lost to the Red Sox for a second time this season when they we unable to build on an early lead and the Red Sox rallied to take the win.

Jackson Tracy led off for the Indians against Deluca pitching for the Red Sox. Tracy grounded to third and beat out the throw for a single. Nick Stevens struck out swinging and Micah Rothenbuhler followed him with a single on a ground ball to short, but Tracy was forced out at second. Michael Copple popped up and Deluca made the catch to retire the Indians scoreless in the first.

Michael Copple took the mound for the Indians in the bottom of the first. Leung, and then Flood of the Red Sox went down swinging bringing Hobbes to the plate. Hobbes’ hit down the left field line was good for a double, but he was stranded when Deluca grounded to second and was thrown out at first, closing the inning with both teams scoreless.

Deluca continued pitching for the Red Sox in the second inning, walking the Indians lead off man, Trevor Greenley. Isaac Maximov hit a ground ball single to short but Greenley was forced out at second. Maximov stole second with Derek Snediker at the plate, and then advanced to third on a wild pitch before Snediker took a base on balls. Evan Park stepped up to the plate and Snediker stole second base to give the Indians runners on second and third. A wild pitch to Park allowed Maximov to steal home and put the Indians on the scoreboard and also allowed Snediker to steal third. Snediker was held at third when Park hit a fly ball to short that was caught for the second out, and Wyatt Arens struck out swinging to end the Indians at bat with one stranded and one run scored.

Copple returned to the mound for the Indians in the second inning. Rocha led off with a single to center right field, but was forced out at second base when Royster-Brown grounded to short. A single by Ribera advanced Royster-Brown to second and Westerman followed with another single to load the bases with one away. Kim followed with a single but a score was prevented when the Indians made the force play at home plate for two away. Bartlett’s grounder to short led to a force play at second and the Red Sox were retired scoreless for a second at bat and the Indians led by one run at the end of two innings.

The Red Sox stayed with Deluca pitching for the third inning. Billy Hommert led off for the Indians and obtained a base on balls. Casey Thiering followed him to the plate but was called out on strikes. Liam Bergstrom was next up for the Indians and Hommert stole second base, and then stole third base on a wild pitch. Bergstrom struck out and it was two away with a man in scoring position for the Indians. Deluca walked Tracy putting runners on first and third and Stevens stepped into the batter’s box. The Red Sox chose to make a pitching change and Leung took the mound for the Red Sox. The Indians were held scoreless when Hommert was tagged out attempting to steal home.

The Indians held on to their lead through another inning as Copple continued as pitcher, striking out Montecino. Ulloa walked, then advanced to second when Leung’s ground ball single to first was mishandled and the force throw to second was late, giving the Red Sox two men on base. Flood hit a grounder to first and was forced out advancing the runners to second and third. The Indians kept the Red Sox off the scoreboard as Hobbes struck out swinging, the score remaining Indians one, Red Sox zero after three.

The Indians extended their lead in the top of the fourth inning. Leung took the mound for the Red Sox, striking out Stevens but walking Rothenbuhler to give the Indians a base runner. Rothenbuhler stole second when a pitch to Copple was thrown into the dirt and escaped the catcher. Copple then grounded to second but beat out the throw to first, with Rothenbuhler held at second. A wild pitch to Greenley allowed Rothenbuhler and Copple to advance to second and third before Greenley was called out on strikes for two away. Maximov scored the runners with a line drive single to shallow center, but was stranded when Snediker struck out and the side was retired with a three run lead.

The Red Sox took the lead in the bottom of the fourth inning. Greenley replaced Copple as pitcher for the Indians. Deluca gained a base on balls, and then stole second with Rocha at the plate. Rocha walked and Deluca stole third, giving the Red Sox runners on first and third. The Indians decided to bring in a new pitcher and Snediker replaced Greenley on the mound. A wild pitch allowed the runners to advance, scoring Deluca and walking Royster-Brown. With Ribera at bat Royster-Brown stole second and then advanced to third when Ribera singled scoring Rocha. Westerman’s single scored Royster-Brown and Ribera to put the Red Sox up by one run with no outs. Kim followed with a single and the Red Sox had runners on first and second. A wild pitch to Bartlett put the runners on second and third where they were held when Maximov caught Bartlett’s fly ball to second for one away. Montecino singled, scoring the runners, and advanced to second as the ball remained in play when the Indians tried for a play at the plate. Ulloa struck out for two away and Montecino stole third with Leung at bat. Leung’s grounder back to Snediker was delivered to first base for the third out and the fourth inning ended with the Red Sox taking the lead six to three.

The Red Sox brought in a fresh arm in the fifth inning and the Indians were retired three up, three down. Park hit a grounder and was thrown out at first, as was Arens on his grounder. Hommert struck out and the Indians were unable to narrow the Red Sox lead.

Snediker returned to the mound for the Indians and Flood took a base on balls to start the bottom of the fifth. With Hobbes at bat Flood stole second on a wild pitch. Hobbes flied to shallow center field for a double, advancing Flood to third. Deluca walked and the bases were loaded with no outs. Rocha’s fly to center was good for a single and scored Flood. Royster-Brown followed with another single, scoring Hobbes, but the Indians made the force play at second for one away and runners on first and third. Ribera singled with a line drive to third but the runner was held and bases were again loaded. Westerman drove in two more runs with a double to right field and the Red Sox had runners on first and third. Kim’s pop-up was caught by Snediker for two away and the runners did not advance. Bartlett hit a short grounder that was fielded and thrown to first to end the inning with the Red Sox comfortably out in front ten to three.

The Indians attempted to come back in the sixth inning but the rally fell short. Bartlett pitched for the Red Sox. Thiering singled to third, and then advanced to second on a wild pitch to Bergstrom. Bergstrom was called out on strikes and Tracy walked. A wild pitch to Stevens allowed the runners to advance to second and third. Stevens popped up to the pitcher for two away and the runners were held on base. Rothenbuhler singled to score Thiering and advance Tracy to third. Rothenbuhler stole second with Copple at the plate, but Copple’s grounder to the shortstop set up the force play at third to end the game with the score Red Sox ten, Indians four.

The Indians put in a good effort, but it wasn’t their day.

Game recap written by J. Michael Bergstrom.  All rights reserved.


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