Track Budget Situation Worsens -- How You Can Help

Posted by Heather Sheppard on Apr 20 2017 at 05:00PM PDT

Dear Parents,


I so enjoy cheering on your amazing kids - my favorite part of the job. As a parent of an athlete, I know how exciting and fun it is to watch your child work hard, strive to improve, and succeed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Frosh/Soph meet and to being able to announce new PR's soon. But as I spend my Friday night writing you a budget email, I also reflect on how we, as parents, make sports possible. Years ago, sports used to be paid for by schools. But it hasn't been that way for a long while. I don't like the new system where coaches have to do fundraising, but, here I am doing it, for the love of the sport and your youthful athletes. I'm afraid our serious budget issue persists.


The Bare Facts

  • About 65 of our 260 track families have not donated
  • We need to raise thousands more dollars just to cover our basic, already-reduced budget for the rest of the season (details below my signature)


How You Can Help (Will You Help? Please?)

  • Click here now to donate ANY AMOUNT online -- New! Any amount!
  • New item on the webstore allows ANY amount (not just the $245 suggested amount)
  • Ask if your company can match your donation (reply and I'll give you instructions)
  • Donate again, a little bit more, if you already donated earlier this season


How Your Athlete Can Benefit

  • The coaches can spend more time working with athletes and less time begging for funding
  • The athletes will have the equipment needed to support their success
  • No more worries about a bare-bones team party with no food (if we raise our goal, we can restore food for athletes to our team 'banquet')


Please take a moment to consider your athlete and your family budget. Please make a donation to support our team and keep Track & Field alive and well at MVHS. Any amount is appreciated! $245 is the suggested amount. (And if you've donated already, thank you again!)


With sincere thanks,

Courtney Corda

Asst. Coach

More Details

Our team is not paid for by the school or district. Our team counts on parents to donate to pay for almost everything (the district covers the stipend for the head coach and very little else). We would not have sports at all at Monte Vista if it weren't for the donations of the parents whose children participate. With a suggested per athlete donation of $245, the Track & Field team is one of the better sports bargains at MV. For little more than the cost of a cafe latte a day, our athletes are learning how to run faster, throw farther, and jump higher while learning life lessons about work ethic, teamwork, and character, not to mention experiencing the fun of cheering for a teammate in a thrilling 4x400 relay or making a record-breaking jump.


As mentioned above, we are still having budget problems. It's as frustrating to me as it is to you. The school office says we are in the red and twice in the last two weeks, we have not been allowed to order needed equipment / supplies. We've been forced to hold off ordering items altogether until we can raise more money.


Before spring break, the school's bookkeeper told us that not enough track families have donated to help us reach our parent-funded 2017 track budget. We've had a few families send in donations (thank you!) , but just a handful, not the dozens and dozens of families that we need.


Meanwhile, we have a long list of things we haven't paid for yet:

--Buses to this week's San Ramon meet

--Season-end trophies / recognitions

--Decorations and food for our banquet

--Equipment (including much-needed tents, 4 poles for vaulters who don't have an appropriate pole for their height / weight / ability in our existing collection, air horns, hardware to fix blocks, and other misc. day-to-day needs)

--Coaches stipends


Coach Kindell and I have been trying to find ways to trim our already very modest budget. It's not easy. We combed through the budget and cut some items (such as food at the banquet) with the hope of being able to restore them if our team families can come through and raise the money.  I also spoke to the MV Athletic Boosters organization to seek their help. (Note: boosters will already be giving us over $1,000 from the Crab Feed proceeds). At their next meeting, MVAB's board will consider a grant to our team to share the cost of the poles and tents we need. If approved, they could kick in up to 50% of those purchases.


Please take a moment to consider your athlete and your family budget. Please make a donation to support our team and keep Track & Field alive and well at MVHS. Any amount is appreciated! $245 is the suggested amount. Click here now to donate ANY AMOUNT online


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