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1st) AA Huron 14 698
2nd) AA Pioneer 14 623
3rd) Ladywood 14 550
4th) Academy Sacred Heart 14 497
5th) Marian 14 457
6th) Grosse Pte S 14 435
7th) Mercy 14 363
8th) Detroit Country Day 14 344
9th) Greenhills 14 335
10th) East Grand Rapids 14 252
11th) Edsel Ford 14 241
12th) Saline 14 240
13th) Novi 14 200
14th) AA Skyline 14 158
15th) Dexter 14 141
16th) Cranbrook 14 137
17th) Univ. Liggett 14 125
18th) Regina 14 100
19th) Grosse Pte N 14 64
20th) Dearborn 14 46
21st) G.R. Forest Hills 14 34
22nd) Whippets 14 27
23rd) Farmington 14 0


*** Playoff Seedings Point System is NOT associated with Divisional Standings**

Playoff Seeding Points are based upon the following 3 factors....

BASIC POINTS (earned for a Win or Tie over a team)** weighted by the division of the opponent** 

DIVISION I:   28 pts for W …. 14 pts for T

DIVISION II:  22 pts for W …. 11 pts for T

DIVISION III:  16 pts for W …. 8 pts for T

DIVISION IV:  10 pts for W …. 5 pts for T


DIVISIONAL DIFFERENCE BONUS POINTS** bonus given ONLY to teams from a lower division who Win or Tie over a team in a higher division** 

WIN = 4 pts for every division above

TIE = 2 pts for every division above


STRENGTH of SCHEDULE BONUS POINTS**bonus given to a team based upon the record of the opposing team whom they have Won or Tied against***** this bonus is given for EVERY win or tie against a team*** 

WIN:   every win by the beaten opponent … from DIV I (6pts)… from DIV II (4pts)… from DIV III (3pts)… from DIV IV (2pts)

            every tie by the beaten opponent … from DIV I (3pts)… from DIV II (2pts)… from DIV III (1pt)… from DIV IV (0pts)


TIE:   every win by the tied opponent … from DIV I (4pts)… from DIV II (3pts)… from DIV III (2pts)… from DIV IV (1pt)


GP = games played (only the 14 officially scheduled MHSFHA games count)

Ties within the Playoff Seeding Point System are broken by....

1st - Division (higher division teams over lower division teams)

2nd - Head to Head Play

3rd - Divisional Standings (if in same division)

4th - Record vs Common Opponents


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