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The NEBAS Fall League will start on Sunday, Sept 13th and continue through Sunday, November 1st. 8 game regular season. The NEBAS league is a SUNDAY only league. Due to the uncertainty with many fall sports programs, we are OPEN to flexibility of moving games to be played during the week IF BOTH TEAMS are willing and able.

PLAYOFFS: First round playoffs start Sunday, November 8th. Top four teams qualify for playoffs. Seed 1 vs Seed 4 and Seed 2 vs Seed 3 will play. Other teams that don’t qualify can play each other this week IF THEY WISH for added games.
Winners of this first round of playoffs play on Sunday, November 15th for the Championship. Top two teams get individual and team trophies.

Coaches and Town Contacts please get your rosters in by Weds 9/9 so that a MASTER COACHES Contact sheet can be created and coaches will be emailed the schedules. Schedules can also be found on the site.

FREE AGENT PLAYERS are needed for many teams. PLEASE check with kids in your town and have them sign up as free agent in the tab on this site to be placed with another town’s team.

Every team has four home and four away games. Home teams are responsible for lining up umpires and paying them for the regular season games. Teams that do NOT have a home field, must still errand the umpires, and pay the umpires for these “HOME GAMES” even if they are at their opponents’ fields.

For the Playoffs, the NEBAS board will send the umpires, but both teams will split the fees on the field for the umpires throughout the playoffs.

Winning team is responsible for reporting the scores within 24 hours. Use the link in the “REPORT GAME RESULTS” section on the right hand side of the home page to complete this task. Town coordinators, please ensure this is completed by your managers after all games. Along with the score, the winning teams need to report the pitchers for BOTH teams (teams might be playing two to three games (make ups) during the week. Pitchers last names and innings pitched are required for BOTH teams.

Should games need to be rescheduled, use the link “REPORT RESCHEDULED GAMES”, so that the website schedule can be updated accordingly. For 9U American, 10U, 12U, and 14U with BYE games, the game schedules are on the site temporarily as 11/1. These games must be completed by 11/1. Home teams with BYE games, please report new date via “REPORT RESCHEDULED GAMES

Please communicate local Covid-19 policies with your opponents at least 24 hours prior to game time so that all teams have a clear understanding of what to expect at your fields. All visiting teams are responsible to respect and comply with local safety protocols. No matter where you are, please adhere to social distancing protocol for players, coaches and spectators, as well as wearing masks and using hand sanitizer often and properly.

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cell 201-674-3413


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