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Helicopter Parent

2019 NHL and NHLPA Consussion awareness

Lesson 10 - Enjoy the Ride - The Games Over Before You Know It

Lesson 9 - Your Dreams Shouldn't Cost Your Integrity

Lesson 8 - Leave Your Baggage at Home

Lesson 7 - Raise a Good Person who likes to play Hockey, not just a Good Hockey Player

Lesson 6 - Parents See Hockey through a Different Set of Eyes

Lesson 5 - Play Through the Politics

Lesson 4 - Before you Yell at Your Child for Their Performance on the Ice, Take a Good Look at Your Conduct in the Stands

Lesson 3 - Nothing in Hockey is Free, But it's the Cost That Teaches you the Most

Lesson 2 - Let Go of the Conrtol You Never Had in the First Place

Lesson 1 - Don’t Force Your Passion, Your Child Will Find Their Own

Timmins Technosub Atom AA Hometown Hockey Cheer Finalists

The Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup | Chevrolet Canada

Réduire l’échelle du jeu pour l’initiation

Scaling down the game in Initiation

Lignes directrices pour le hockey novice sur demi-glace

Hockey novice sur demi-glace – c’est beaucoup plus!

Novice half ice guidelines

Novice half ice

Humboldt Strong