U18-U21 FIS Kimberley Speed Race - Jan 26- Feb 6

Posted by Chloe Sigouin on Feb 20 2020 at 01:50PM PST

The conditions were Sunny, Hero Surface in Kimberley during the 2020 Kimberly Dreadnaught Speed Camp and FIS Races held from January 26 to Feb 6th.

WMSC took a team of 21 athletes eager to learn a new discipline and others happy to have the opportunity to be on their longest skis again. Another amazing experience and successful trip for all of them.

What do WMSC have to say:
“Switching gears to big turns and high speeds is a refreshing change of pace at the
mid-season marker. The athletes get to experience something new and different in the form of a little more adrenaline and a few more nerves to conquer, which seems to always simplify the nuts and bolts of ski racing down to what it’s really all about: bombing down a mountain as fast as you can. Momentum gathered, and we expect it to stick around for the rest of the season.” –
Conrad Pridy, U18/U21 Lead Coach

“Oh boy, it was really scary, but I tried to keep my nerves down and think about how fun it was instead. It was my first Downhill, so I went into it with no expectations except for the goal of moving up from where I was in the training runs. I was happy to come out of the week with some strong finishes!” Emeline Bennett, Friendly neighborhood speed-demon, repeat medalist

“That was honestly the most fun I have ever had on a pair of skis yet!” – John Nicolls on his first fulllength runs down the speed track

“Speed events have the potential to heighten the adrenaline gauge to red levels.
Kimberley put together an environment that permitted a proper introduction, or re-introduction, to real speed elements, like triple digit speeds and jumps, while keeping the adrenaline factor within reason. The big turns not only got the athletes’ engines revving for DH and SG but translated into significant conceptual and technical changes in SL and GS. Overall, a very impressive learning opportunity that many truly capitalized on.”
Maddy Irwin, U18/U21 Women’s Head Coach

“Kimberley was an amazing opportunity for us! The training was suitably impressive, and the weather was, for the most part, perfect. A blast!”Freya Jumonville, Kimberley Speed Veteran

Day 1 Event: FIS DH
Womens:1st – Emeline Bennett (WMSC), 2nd – Jessie Ferguson (BAR), 3rd – Alyssa Gorsch (Burke)
Mens: 1st – Dylan Timm (KZT), 2nd – Colin Mills (BAR), 3rd – Chase Campbell (Sunshine), 9th –Alexander Katrusiak (Top WMSC)
Day 2 Event: FIS DH
Womens: 1st – Soleil Patterson (Red), 2nd – Jessie Ferguson (BAR), 3rd – Katie Killian (Burke), 5th – Emeline Bennett (Top WMSC)
Mens: 1st – Heming Sola (OST), 2nd – Dylan Timm (KZT), 3rd – Chase Campbell (Sunshine), 10th – Callum Clarke (Top WMSC)
Day 3 Event 1: FIS SG
Womens: 1st – Katie Killian (Burke), 2nd – Jessie Ferguson (BAR), 3rd – Soleil Patterson (Red), 4th – Emeline Bennett (Top WMSC)
Mens: 1st – Noah Kasdorf (NCO), 2nd – Dylan Timm (KZT), 3rd – Cody Schweiger (BAR), 12th –Ryuji Gaman (Top WMSC)
Day 3 Event 2: FIS SL
Womens: 1st – Jessie Ferguson (BAR), 2nd – Soleil Patterson (Red), 3rd – Cydnie Timmerman (Bar),5th – Gemma Bexton (Top WMSC)
Mens: 1st – Cody Schweiger (BAR), 2nd – Dylan Timm (KZT), 3rd – Ryuji Gaman (WMSC)
Day 4 Event: FIS SG
Womens: 1st – Soleil Patterson (Red), 2nd – Emeline Bennett (WMSC), 3rd Alyssa Gorsch (Burke)
Mens: 1st – Chase Campbell (Sunshine), 2nd – Cody Schweiger (BAR), 3rd – Dylan Timm (KZT), Colin Mills (BAR),17th – Callum Clarke (Top WMSC)


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