Winter arrived in time for U14 Teck zone race!

Posted by Chloe Sigouin on Feb 20 2020 at 11:57AM PST

Winter really made us wait and many questioned if the U14’s Teck coast zone race, and important qualification race for the BC Winter Games, would ever happen…but Ullr showed up and with equal passion and vigour so did all our racers!

The DMNTC’s Ptarmigan played host to the first race of the season for 120 U14 racers from our coast zone. Racers from Grouse, Seymour, Cypress, Sasquatch (Hemlock), Mt.Washington and Whistler’s WMSC competed in 4 events over January 11-12. As the snow pack and and terrain was too limited for a full GS race, the organizing committee elected to run 2 one-run slalom and panelled slalom races.

An army of parents gained valuable hands-on official race experience, but more importantly had fun and executed a fair race for all. Sarah Strother acting in her first time role as Chief of Race said “…I know we had a lot of parent volunteers come out for this race. It was terrific to see so many U14 families participating”. Thank you to our volunteers. Congratulations to all our racers!

Saturday 11th January: 2 one run Slalom
Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Brooke Irish (Grouse), 3rd-Vanessa Young (Whistler)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Nick Kokot (Seymour), 3rd-Thomas Legg (Whistler),
Ladies: 1st-Vanessa Young (Whistler), 2nd Brooke Irish (Grouse), 3rd-Olivia Imregi (Whistler)
Mens: 1st Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd Pearce Manning Avini (Grouse), 3rd Nick Kokot (Seymour)

Sunday 12th January: 2 one run Panelled Slalom
Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Carys Griffin (Whistler), Brooke Irish (Grouse)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Thomas Legg (Whistler), 3rd-Braden Aitken (Whistler)
Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Lola Gilbert (Whistler) 3rd-Brooke Irish (Grouse)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Thomas Legg (Whistler), 3rd-Braden Aitken (Whistler)


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