Fun-filled U12 Weekend & WMSC Athlete Wins Janyk Cup!

Posted by Chloe Sigouin on Feb 20 2020 at 11:56AM PST

Nancy Greene Skills Event – January 18, 2020

A perfect winter day with heavy snow and blustery winds kept everyone busy getting ready for the day’s events! Volunteers were on the hill early working hard prepping the courses for over 140 racers from WMSC, Cypress Ski Club, Mount Seymour Ski Club and the Grouse Mountain Tyee ski club for three races – the start and skate, dual glalom, and the tuck, turn and skate. For the first time at this event, the overall results for boys and girls were combined, so it was a tough battle for medals and ribbons for the top ten!

In the dual glalom, Kingsley Parkhill from WMSC took the top honours for the 2008 division, teammate Dominic Reid took 3rd overall, while Mark Shapovalov of Grouse Tyee placed 2nd. Top girls were Maika Lennox in 5th overall and Sophie Neeves in 6th. For the 2009 category, Marko Plavsic from Tyee took 1st overall, with Grouse teammates Nathanial Hung and Burton Li rounding out the overall podium and Maggie Cormack from WMSC as top girl.

In the start and skate, Tyee took the two top spots on the 2008 overall podium with Mark Shapovalov in 1st, place, Smith Irish in 2nd and Maika Lennox-King from WMSC rounding out the podium in 3rd overall and fastest female. The 2009 category had Marko Plavsic (Tyee) repeating in 1st place overall, with teammate Nathanial Hung in 2nd and fast girl Sarah Fell from Cypress in 3rd.

The tuck and skate was an exciting event that combined guts, tactics and determination. The 2008 overall podium was topped by Kai Lund of Grouse Tyee, WMSC Dreas Gibbons in 2nd and Kingsley Parkhill in 3rd. Maika Lennox-King was again the top 2008 girl. The 2009 Tyee athletes were again in the hunt with Marko Plavsic in 1st overall, with Nathanial Hung in 3rd and Luka Buchheister from WMSC in 2rd. Ruby Cook from WMSC found her bullet and was the top 2009 girl.

“I think the weekend was great!” says head coach of the WMSC U12 program Matt Leduc. “The weather challenged us a bit but athletes were excited to get out there and show off the work they have put in so far this season. I’m looking forward to training a very motivated bunch in the upcoming weeks.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Janyk Cup – January 19, 2020

WMSC tops the podium this year in the Janyk Cup! Balmy temperatures and sticky snow set the stage for Sunday’s third annual Janyk Cup hosted by WMSC. Just over 70 athletes from Cypress, Seymour, Grouse and WMSC participated in two one-run giant slalom races and a dual “glalom” event.

The overall Janyk Cup winners were determined by the fastest combined time of both GS races. Hannah Neeves and Kingsley Parkhill from WMSC dominated both races and took home the Janyk Cup trophy, named after long-time WMSC volunteer, Andree Janyk.

In the first of the two GS races, in the 2008 age category Kingsley Parkhill won, with teammates Dreas Gibbons in 2nd and Marek Novak taking 3rd. In the second race, Kingsley Parkhill and Dreas Gibbons repeated in 1st and 2nd place, with Graydyn Swanson from WMSC taking 3rd. In both races for the 2009 age category, Luka Buchheister, a new WMSC athlete from Colorado proved that he fits right in by placing 1st, with Francesco Hawkey from RDP in 2nd and Blake Thornhill, WMSC in 3rd.

In both GS races for the 2008 girls, WMSC’s Hannah Neeves took the top spot with Sophie Neeves in 2nd and Alexa Ferguson in 3rd. In the first GS race the 2009 girls podium was topped by Sarah Fell from Cypress, with WMSC girls Maggie Cormack in 2nd and Maia Harriman following in 3rd. Sarah Fell was the repeat winner in the second race, with Tua Paget of RDP in 2nd and Maggie Cormack in 3rd.

The dual glalom 2008 girls saw Hannah Neeves again take home top prize while sister Sophie Neeves won 2nd and Maika Lennox-King 3rd. Sarah Fell repeated as the 2009 girls winner, with Tua Paget in 2nd and Maggie Cormack in 3rd.
The 2008 boys dual glalom was won by Kingsley Parkhill, with Dominic Reid in 2nd and Dreas Gibbons taking 3rd place. 2009 boys had Luka Buchheister repeating in 1st place followed by Beau Morgan from Seymour and Dylan Alexander Boyes from Cypress.

WMSC U12 Head coach Matt Leduc said “We had a great race day Sunday! It was nice to see our many athletes compete in a true race environment. For many it was their first exposure to this kind of race and I was so happy with how the group handled themselves.”


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