Are you our next ”Garbo God”/Equipment Manager?

Posted by Chris Leighton on Jan 25 2019 at 01:07PM PST

This is an ideal position for people who are handy with equipment and tools, don’t mind early morning uploads, have a bit of a “MacGyver” talent, and might like to stay out of the weather. This volunteer position is based out of Garbo Hut during all major club races (U14 Teck Race, Parsons, FIS Races and Whistler Cup).

While the Garbo Hut has no running water or bathrooms, it does have some heated rooms, WiFi, music, an old but serviceable barbeque and perhaps the best sun trap on the mountain. There is a surprising amount of bustle up at the hut, with course workers, dye-pack crew and others coming and going all day. And you get to be right in the middle of the action working with parents and coaches. With WiFi it is now possible to watch many races on your smartphone or iPad. Ideally we would have 2 or 3 people share the position so you can also get out on the hill and watch your child race!

Duties include Dye Pack preparation/maintenance, Drill distribution and battery charging, Water drum refilling, Equipment sorting and storage, gate sorting and repair, keeping track of equipment and its whereabouts, responding to equipment requests from Course Chiefs during races, attendance at ROC Meetings when needed, general Garbo Hut tidying and garbage removal.

Our goal is to have a team of Garbo Gods who can spell each other off so that commitments remain flexible and family friendly. We have an experienced crew that can train anyone who wishes to volunteer and become “godly”.

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